MAD4 | What is Cooking?

07 Apr 2014
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Co-curated by Alex Atala, René Redzepi’s MADFEED is going to re-evaluate what, exactly cooking is at MAD4 this summer…

We think you may want to sit down for this news. Are you ready? Ok, brace yourselves… and are coming together to remind us (and themselves, they claim) what cooking is.

“In many ways, this is an incredible time to be a cook”, we are told. But it’s more than that, it’s a dynamic, scrutinised and popular time to be a cook, and “the more attention our industry receives from television, film, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, the less clear it becomes what it means to cook”. And so, of course chefs Atala and Redzepi are coming together to clear things up.

Posing the following questions, they plan to revisit and re-evaluate the fundamentals of cooking and what a chef should be doing. “What are the legacies that we should uphold and what should we strive to change? And what’s cooking in the pan, on the grill, in the oven? Where does the food we cook come from and what’s in it? What will it become in the next century and how do we ensure that it changes for the better? How will cooking — and cooks — adapt and evolve?”

Essentially, “what is cooking?”. With the help of fellow master chefs, thinkers, artist, producers and scientists – details and names still to come – an answer will (hopefully) be revealed. So pack your bags and get ready to head to Copenhagen this summer, 24 – 25 August to joine MADFEED. Sign up for ticketshere!