Luxury Copper Cookware

04 Jun 2014
2 min read
We ask The Amoretti Brothers – creators of luxury copper cookware – FOUR questions, to find out about why their cookware is as luxury as it gets…

Tell us about the history ofThe Amoretti Brothers…

We are four brothers originally from Torino Italy. Our parents and us moved to Mexico in 2002, and in 2006 we created Amoretti Brothers. At the beginning the company took the name of Hermandad de la Costa (inspired by the spanish fort of Acapulco and the history of the pirates during the 16th century). Thatsame year Andrea, the eldest brother, moved from Italy to NY, and created the U.S. company – Amoretti Brothers Inc. – to handle de distribution of the products in the U.S. and, since this name was pretty appealing, all our products are now sold under the brand name Amoretti Brothers.

So how did you become so adept in copper cookware?

In 2008 we launched a new product line: the copper cookware collection. The hand hammered Copper Cookware is a key stone in the mediterranean cooking tradition and an instrument for the most refined chefs. Always present and used, for generations, in our villa in northern Italy.

From this, many new creation followed and new designs have been added to the collection with the aim to create a group of pieces which now reflect the idea of a lifestyle, bringing the company to contribute to the cookware ,tabletop and gifts market with unique and luxury handmade products.

Why do you call your copperwareThe Pans’ Queen?

When people talk about ‘real’ gourmet food, nobody can forget the best pan to use is the one made of pure copper. History of copper cookware spans thousands of years, and for good reason. Copper cookwareis an excellent conductor of heat (392 W/m°C), allowing for food to cook properly and evenly throughout. Also, a copper pan make you save energy as it should be used ona very low flame, and because it is able to cook faster than any other cookware of different materials. It is essential for cooking certain things, including sauces, arrosto (roast meat), and candy. It is extremely resistant to bacteria and it lasts forever.

Our pans are handcrafted with copper and tin-lined on the cooking surface, following the old-fashion tradition. So you can prepare your food as a real gourmet chef, and make a statement presentation on your table.

What are your plans for 2014?

We started in New York and now we are building a studio/factory in a Pueblo Magico (magic little town) namedTlalpujahua in the middle of Mexico, where monarch butterlfies migrate every year and which was the World`s most important gold mine in 1936. Also, we are now building this studio using only wood, soil, and other ecological material you can find in the place. This year’s going to be very exciting!

Take a look atamorettibrothers.comfor more information about where to buy your very own Copper Cookware.

Image pears © Flavio Bizzarri/AM Editores