29 Apr 2022
2 min read

For over 160 years, Leitner Leinen has been creating the finest fabrics in its Austrian manufactory. A family business now in its sixth generation, the company has always stayed true to its virtues of preserving heritage while looking to the future, producing the highest quality textiles for homes around the globe.

The story of Leitner Leinen dates back to 1853 when the manufactory was established in Austria’s Mühlviertel region, where today it stands as one of the last weaving mills in Mühlviertel and one of the few remaining in Austria. Now led by Jakob Leitner, the family business is in its sixth generation, where its success continues to grow from fibre to fibre and weave to weave.

Dedicated to preserving the textile heritage of Austria while introducing new and exciting products to the market, Leitner Leinen was recognised for its stellar contribution to the industry as the first-ever recipient of the Textile Company of the Year award in 2009. Prior to this, the company was also lauded with the Salzburger Prize in 1998 from the Austrian Textile Newspaper, one of the country’s most-respected textile awards.

Over the years, one of its most impressive attributes has always been its ability to innovate. Employing state-of-the-art technology and continuous improvement process methodologies, Leitner is able to produce linens of the best quality for everything from furniture to table dressings and bedding. All of its creations are made with 100 percent pure linen utilising tough speciality yarns, ensuring they are both durable and beautiful.

With renovated weaving mill structures, new warping machines and an eye for exquisite yet effective designs, Leitner’s repertoire of premium products continue to lead the way in the industry. The company’s philosophy remains, as it was in the beginning, focused on creating exclusive luxury items that are not mass-produced but rather crafted with a personal touch. Honouring the roots of real craftsmanship by creating genuine products using durable materials, the company showcases its love for detail, tradition, and its origins with every weave.

Timelessness is what defines Leitner’s fabrics. Delivering products that shine with passion for the craft, quality, consistency, and aesthetics are the values that have accompanied the company since its founding. Entrenched in sustainability from the outset, Leitner’s linens are not fast-fashion nor unnecessary status symbols, but rather carefully crafted pieces of fabric art made using responsibly sourced flax from Europe’s best-growing regions. To create these exceptional quality yarns, up to 27 crops from different areas of France and Belgium and various vintages are blended into one batch, resulting in linens that impress with natural brilliance, smoothness, and colour.

With a wide range of products, the elegant Leitner Leinen aesthetic can grace every corner of the home. In the bedroom, serene duvet covers, bed linen sets, throws, pillowcases and curtains make retiring after a long day a blissful experience. For moments of joy in the kitchen, the functional and fanciful napkins, table cloths and runners, bread baskets, placemats, tea towels and aprons are the perfect tableside companions. Bath time should always be a calming ritual, made even more so with Leitner’s beautiful terry, pique and jacquard towels, washing mitts, bathroom mats and robes. From bath to bed, slip into one of Leitner’s soft-as-a-cloud pyjamas, kimonos and dresses to revel in endless hours of comfort from dusk to dawn.

With its modern-day home décor items and classic furnishings, Leitner continues to tell the ageless story of linen, which has been a part of human history for millennia, from old Egypt to ancient Rome and now in the 21st century. No other natural fibre looks back on a story this long, and it is this enduring heritage that Leitner Leinen hopes to continue honouring forevermore with its work.

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