Looking East

08 Dec 2013
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FOUR reports from the opening of Sra Bua by Juan Amador, the new restaurant in the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch in Frankfurt am Main…

Sra Bua, meaning lotus blossom pond in Thai, signifies treasures, purity of heart, perfection and creativity. All this is reflected in the interior of Juan Amador’s new restaurant, and of course his culinary creations. But the three Michelin star chef doesn’t feel comfortable with the label “Asian”; instead he likes to call it “looking east”. As a starter he serves marinated lobster with wasabi ice cream – which transforms itself into a delicious hot yet mild sauce – and Granny Smith relish, cucumber and mustard seeds. Another highlight is the US Beef Flank Steak with sweet potatoes, onions and creamed black garlic, which leaves a hint of liquorice before developing an intense smoky flavour on the tongue. A perfect companion for a perfectly cooked meat.

Sra Bua by Juan Amador is a combination of Asia’s multitude of flavours with the individual culinary style of German-born chef Juan Amador, who developed the entire culinary concept himself. It is implemented by head chef Dennis Maier, who spent many years in Michelin star kitchens, among others with Juan Amador.

At the end of the evening, Amador and his team graciously received the praise and applause from the enthusiastic guests and in traditional Thai, Amador expressed his respect and thanks with a slight bow, his hands pressed together and a cordial “wai”.

By Antje Riis