Le Square Culinaire

16 Mar 2014
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A cookbook lover’s heaven, the Salon du Livre in Paris is hosting Le Square Culinaire from 21-24 March. With editors’ stands, a huge cookbook library, and culinary demonstrations from some of the biggest names in fine-dining, Le Square Culinaire celebrates all things for cooking enthusiasts.

With editors’ stands, a huge cookbook library, and culinary demonstrations, this four day extravaganza will see some of the biggest names in fine-dining and cookbook writing gracing stage to show you how your culinary dreams can come true.

La Marche a la Francaise

Celebrating les Halles, Rungis, Made in France and local produce, a long list of acclaimed chefs will be discussing the importance of organic, fresh and home-grown vegetables, including…

  • Stéphane Marie, television personality and fruit and veg cookbook author.
  • Régis Marcon, Michelin-starred chef author and mushroom enthusiast.
  • Benoît Bordier, Michelin-starred chef will create a menu from fresh ingredients that are given to him there and then.
  • Hugo Desnoyer, butcher for illustrious chefs (including Alain Ducasse) and author will be talking about the importance of better produce.

The Star Chefs
  • Jean-François Piège, Michelin star chef from Thoumieux restaurant, author and herald of French cuisine, will be hosting a demonstration on Saturday 22 March.
  • Argentinian chef Enrique Tirigall will be cooking a meal as an homage to his homecountry: expect the likes of empanadas de carne, dulce de leche flan, pears in Pinot noir…
  • Celebrated pastry chefs and authors, Hugo & Victor will be using seasonal ingredients to recreate one of their pastry recipes, divulging some of their unsurpassable secrets.
  • Pastry chef and author, Christophe Felder will be making one of his delicious recipes from one of his twenty-plus books.
  • Eric Kayser, master of bread, who has just been awarded ‘Best Bread Cookbook’ by the Gourmand Awards 2013 will be showing his skills off.

Culinary Literature

Michelin guides, kids cookbooks, antique and international books, all will be on show at the Square Culinaire and up for debate.

Find out more at salondulivreparis.com.