Dutch collector Bay van der Bunt added to his world’s largest collection of old liquors at Christies auction in London yesterday. He purchased the entire lot of 6 bottles ofVieux Cognac Grande Champagne Fine ‘Clos de Griffier’ Café Anglais 1788.

Parisian restaurantLa Tour d’Argentwere selling a portion of their cellar, some of which has been stored there for over 200 years. The cellar has survived two world wars and has managed to remain unscathed the entire time. The auction had a total of 180 lots of classic Armagnac, rum, port and arc, calvados and were all from La Tour d’Argents cellar.

This is not the first time La Tour d’Argent’s has gone to auction. In 2009, they sold 18,000 bottles for more than €1.5m.

Bay also made further purchases at the auction including two Jeroboams (2.5L)Grande Fine Champagne Cognac ‘La Tour d’Argent’ 1805for £23,000 each. He is due to sell his liquor but the lure of the auction was too great for the hardened collector. You can view his entire collection from his website.