King of Mixology with Dariush Haghighi

18 Jul 2016
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Beyond the copper-topped bar and clouds of mist and smoke, meet the Mad Man of Mixology and head barman, Dariush Haghighi at hotspot bar and restaurant, The Alchemist, Bevis Marks.

I would wake up to

…My own theme tune, dippy eggs and a foot massage

I’d drink and eat

…Exclusively red meat and scotch until my doctor got involved

I would prioritize

…Everyone else’s drink before mine

I’d make sure everyone knows about

…SundayFunday – no work, all play!

The national drink would be

…A sidecar, women love them, men love them, i love them. Plus its 2 of your 5 a day. (Orange liqueur counts!!)

My royal palace would be

…Home to the craziest festivals and palace parties in all the kingdom. You know the floating islands on avatar? On one of those with a drawbridge.

My people would have to

…Make eye contact when they ‘cheers’ drinks

I would bring back

…Roller skates

I would travel

…Back to america pre-prohibition, take a few products with me and a rotavap, open a small bar with a small molecular mixology based menu. Blow peoples minds, create a classic that would stick and come back to the present. It would be interesting to see how different it would be!

I would knight

…The first person to create a human shaped robo-bartender complete with sound relationship advice and bevnap flair.

The Alchemist

6 Bevis Marks