Karlheinz Hauser’s new book

10 Dec 2013
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Karlheinz Hauser gives a fascinating insight into his life – presenting his recipes, concepts, stories and philosophy

For almost 11 years, Karlheinz Hauser has headed hisbusiness – involving many varied restaurant concept – at the Hamburg’s Süllberg, which has now grown to incorporate the two-star restaurant Seven Seas, the “Deck 7” Market Restaurant, a quirky and very original alpine skiing lodge (Erdinger Urweisse Hütte), which is put up in the winter, the historic ballroom and a large bar and terrace-like area. In addition, Karlheinz Hauser is active as a TV chef in the show ARD Buffet and organises prestigious galas and events.

On top of that he also still heads his Hauser Catering & Consulting Company and served as a consultant for various renowned dining concepts, such as the Mar à Lago Club in Palm Beach by Donald Trump (2006-2008) or for the hotel Mardaval in Mallorca.

Therefore, Karlheinz Hauser’s new book not only involves a documentation of the chef’s culinary creativity and personal stories, but also some useful knowledge of how to economically manage such a culinary conglomerate. This beautiful book is filled with 100 of the Michelin chef’s favourite recipes, from high-end to rural and rustic to fast and easy. With his engaging behind-the-scenes stories of the life and work of a TV and Michelin starchef, readers get a fantastic insight into high-end cuisinewith informative texts, tips and tricks.

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