Jewels of Inspiration

24 Apr 2020
3 min read
Taking inspiration from the inner world of gemstones and their natural beauty, high-end Swiss jewellery brand Gübelin Jewellery creates striking pieces that bring joy to their wearers. The Splendid Feather line is one of their marvels, which is inspired by the coveted Sri Lankan padparadscha sapphires. FOUR takes a closer look…

Paying homage to birds and the spectacular structure of their feathers, the Splendid Feather line fuses avian motifs with the fascinating and beguiling intricacies of the rare padparadscha sapphire. A highly sought-after gemstone, the padparadscha sapphire is characterized by the unification of two delicate shades of colour: romantic pink and a gentle orange.

Deep inside, padparadscha sapphires reveal fascinating structures resembling feathers, and it is the beauty of these organic structures that have guided the design of the Splendid Feather line. To highlight and bring the stone’s delicacy to life, Gübelin Jewellery has crafted each piece with curving gem-set elements in gold that wrap around the padparadscha like wings in honor of its structural feathers. The gems are framed in these diamond-encrusted wings that gently play with light, glistening celestially in the sun’s rays and exuding the grace of the storied gem and its feathered framework. The Splendid Feather line is the personification of the quintessential Gübelin Jewellery philosophy based on bringing forth designs rich in meaning that acknowledge love, respect and highest esteem for the gemstone and its country of origin.

Deeply inspired and highly experienced goldsmiths, jewel setters and polishers came together in the creation of this exquisite line which is underpinned by Gübelin Jewellery’s unique aesthetic. Part of the Deeply Inspired philosophy that permeates every facet of the family-run company, each carefully designed piece brings together beauty, knowledge and artisanship in harmony. To symbolise this philosophy, each piece of Gübelin Jewellery – and thus each piece of the Splendid Feather line – contains a dazzling ruby, the king of gemstones that signifies passion and love.

The Splendid Feather line includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in red or white gold and a one-of-a kind bangle. Soft-hued orange-pink padparadschas and sapphires in blue, pink and green paired with diamonds are characteristic for Splendid Feather.


The modern and fun stackable Splendid Feather rings are adorned with sapphires and look gorgeous on their own, but even better as a pair. The white gold version is set with blue sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds, while in the version with pastel-coloured sapphires, the gemstones are complemented perfectly by the warm shade of red gold. When juxtaposed, these rings are especially striking and contemporary. The gold tones enhance the sapphires’ allure, with the cool white gold making the radiance of the blue sapphires pop, and the warm red gold illuminating the beauty of the pink sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Splendid Feather ring is a statement of true distinction. Set in red gold, the ring features a rare Madagascan padparadscha front and center surrounded by pastel-coloured sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds.


Designed for both everyday wear and special occasions, these dual-use earrings boast an innovative design along with a sumptuous semblance. Their ingenious design allows the lower element to be removed so that the earrings can be worn in two ways: as plain ear studs or more festively as chandelier earrings. These statement pieces are adorned with coloured sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds, and can be adapted to wear in the office, on a night out with friends or for a romantic dinner for two.


Weightlessness, like a feather, is key in the chic necklace design which has a coloured sapphire floating effortlessly above the trademark Gübelin Jewellery ruby as its focal point. The white gold option is paired with a green sapphire, intensifying the majesty of its vibrant hue. Comprised of two aesthetic feathers, the delicate necklace playfully incorporates characteristics of haute joaillerie while simultaneously contrasting them by combining classic diamonds in pave thread with polished white gold elements. Finished off with glittering coloured sapphires, this timeless piece is ushered further into a more modern interpretation of the classic riviere.


The impressive Splendid Feather bangle is a true -one-of-a-kind piece that exudes both gravity and lightness, while paying homage to Sri Lanka’s world of birds. The cushion-shape, 5.6 carat padparadscha is flanked by 59 pastel-coloured sapphires in various shapes and cuts. The bangle is distinguished by its fluid arrangement of gems that evoke the padparadscha’s feather-like organic structure. The flowing gem design is framed by red gold wings adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds and diamond baguettes custom-made for the tapering setting of the bangle. As a further avian reference, the designers chose marquise-shape gems for the bangle, whose convex sides are known as “wings”. While bringing a touch of modernity to the piece, these marquise-shape gemstones are also reminiscent of the award-winning Gübelin designs from the 1960s and 1970s.

To find out more, visit Gübelin Jewellery’s website or call the head office on +41 41 429 1515.