Jean Cazals’ EAT ME! Exhibition

23 Jul 2013
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One of Britain’s most distinguished food photographers, Jean Cazals, is to hold a solo exhibition at The French Art Studio in South Kensington.

The exhibition, EAT ME!, features photographs of chocolate and macaroons. Cazals, winner of Best Food Photographer 2012, has photographed these luxurious food items in a series of unexpected and incongruous compositions: macaroons sitting atop antlers; chocolate sliding along the edge of a blade.

Cazals is said to be delighted with the exhibition and the opportunity to display his work at The French Art Studio. Of his creations, Cazals added “The idea here was to write a visual tale for the macaroon or chocolate, to see it in a different way, create a composition that celebrates it, not only as a luxurious food item, but as an objet d’art”.

Born in Paris and raised in Geneva, Cazals has lived and worked in London for the past thirty years. He has photographed over 80 books and most recently exhibited at the Cahors Food Festival in France.

Gallery founder and owner Caroline le Luel said “We are thrilled to welcome the solo exhibition EAT ME! by French photographer Jean Cazals – a widely acclaimed food photographer. It is Jean’s eye for colour and composition that make him a true artist and we are proud to launch his work into the London art world”.

Le Luel created The French Art Studio in 2007 as a virtual gallery. In 2012, the studio opened in South Kensington with the intention of bringing the work of esteemed French artists to a London audience. The gallery prides itself on providing a friendly and accessible atmosphere in which art aficionados and novices alike can appreciate artists with strong international potential.

EAT ME! runs from 13 November to 7 January 2014. Prices begin at £800.

By Fran Beaton