FOUR teams up with Foodie Media to share some of the most stunning and original stories about those in the food world that are a bit hiden. The personalities who are harvesting, growing, creating and making food.The stunning waters off the island of Jamaica are threatened by invasive venomous lionfish. Fortunately for the coastal ecosystem, local fisherman and chefs have teamed up to eliminate the lionfish, one delicious fillet at a time.

From David Hanson, the director:

“The old road to Kingston passes behind the sea-grape trees that shade Success Beach on Jamaica’s north shore. It is a white-hot road of crushed shells.

Spear fishermen walk the road in the mornings. They swim out with old fins to the edge of the reef, then dive for their livelihood, using the currents to eventually drift miles down the coast. Boats with motors are too expensive for most Jamaica fishermen.

I met Karrinton years ago. He began spearfishing at age 15 when he dropped out of school to support his family. He can free-dive to 100 feet. He has a burst ear drum, a barracuda scar across his chest, and he nearly died when a sailboat ran over him, the captain thinking his head was a floating coconut.

Karrinton and other spear fisherman have been hunting lionfish ever since they were made aware of the invasive species’ devastating tendencies over reefs. The chefs learned how to cook them so there is economic incentive, as well. Now the lionfish population is dwindling around Jamaica.”

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