Jackson Pollock | From canvas to kitchen

11 May 2015
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We all know that life’s great pleasures go best served with more of life’s great pleasures and Jackson Pollock was no stranger to this concept. With the recent unveiling of his lesser known work we see that his fabulous recipes were also part of his masterwork.

Long known for his highly regarded works of art, Jackson Pollock didn’t halt his creativity at paintbrushes and paint. In fact he and his wife, artist Lee Krasner, had an artistic repertoire that included not only canvas, but extended to the kitchen where together they created sought after dishes and recipes for a multitude of dinner parties and guests.

In this recent book titled, ‘Dinner with Jackson Pollock: Recipes, Art and Nature’, we find beautiful recipes collected over the years on handwritten pages scrawled by Lee, Jackson and his mother, Stella.Almost becoming works of art in themselves the book is compiled like a scrapbook, cataloguing their culinary life together through all their traded recipes, newspaper cuttings, interviews, pictures of their home-grown produce and Jackson’s own artworks. This humbling tale of Lee and Jackson is neatly weaved together by photographer Robyn Lea, who’s pairing of the journey of their culinary awakenings perfectly complements the anecdotes of their artistic lifestyle.

‘Dinner with Pollock’ features well rehearsed dishes ranging from Perle Fine’s Bouillabaisse, Jackson’s Classic Rye Bread, Jackson’s Famous Spaghetti Sauce, Jackson’s Prize-Winning Apple Pie, Elaine de Kooning’s Fruit & Grain Salad, to Rita Benton’s Pecan Torte with Mocha Frosting, creating a visual feast for all things sensory.

The previously unseen gastronomic material paints a picture of Pollock that offers new insight into where he may have drawn inspiration for some of his most iconic works, and is most definitely worth a try.

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