Italian Sparkling Life

12 Oct 2020
3 min read
Family-owned Italian company Bottega has been producing premium quality, authentic Italian wines, grappa and spirits for over 40 years, bringing a taste of Italian revelry to 130 countries across the globe. Their Bottega Gold Prosecco Brut is the jewel in their gilded crown, and FOUR takes a closer look at the award-winning sparkling wine…

Founded in 1977, Bottega SpA is now a third-generation business led by Barbara, Sandro, and Stefano Bottega. Its vineyard-encircled headquarters are located in Bibano,Treviso (45 km North of Venice) and housed in a 19th-century farmhouse that has been renovated to preserve the original architectural and environmental characteristics. Bottega’s philosophy is underpinned by Italian tradition, and the company’s main aim is to deliver health, well-being and enjoyment through its time-honored products carefully produced using the family’s experience and long-established production methods.

The brand proudly carries its deep-rooted values, which are displayed throughout every facet of their business. In addition to tradition, the company is built on four core principles: quality – producing authentic, natural and genuine Italian tastes; typicality – through a strong bond with the territory, each Bottega product is unique and impossible to produce elsewhere; design – expression of the excellent aesthetic character of being made in Italy; and social responsibility towards the environment and the community.

Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut is the group’s flagship sparkling wine made from Glera grapes grown in the Valdobbiadene region. Characterized by remarkable fruity aromas including apple, pear and exotic fruit, this refreshing brut concludes with a dry and fragrant aftertaste. Perfect as an aperitif and well-suited for use in delicious cocktails – such as the classic Bellini or Rossini -, this refreshing prosecco can be easily paired with every meal. Whether the dish its sweet or savoury, light or heavy, big or small, this sparkling wine’s delicate bubbles perfectly complement every bite.

Bottega Gold’s exceptional quality has been lauded with several awards over the years, proving its high caliber and superiority time and time again. Continuous research and constant monitoring of the entire production process from vineyard to bottle ensure that the wine maintains its top standard, and can be attributed to a combination of several elements as outlined below.

The Glera grapes are grown in their ideal climate on hilly terrain near to the Venetian Prealps, ensuring they are enriched with the necessary nutrients and are exposed to the correct conditions for optimal growth. The vineyards are farmed using organic methods and are comprised of plants of various ages. This mix conveys the perfect balance of compounds that deliver quality to a wine: aromas given by older vines, and acidity given by younger plants. This maximizes the flavor and distinction of the final product.

When perfectly ripe, the grapes used to produce Bottega Gold are harvested by hand. Hand-harvesting allows the grapes to be carefully selected when picked, ensuring that only grapes at their optimal degree of maturation and health are used in the production of the wine. The delicate handling preserves the fruit’s integrity, further enhancing the quality of the final product.

After picking, the grapes are gently pressed in the cellar and the obtained must is then stored in steel containers at a low temperature to retain freshness. Unlike other standard Proseccos, Bottega Gold is produced to order for maximum freshness. In the winery, only one fermentation takes place to directly transform the grape must into sparkling wine; a unique process that wholly preserves the characteristics of the Glera grape: scents of white flowers – acacia, wisteria, lily of the valley – and elegant aromas of green apple, pear and citrus.

A second fermentation then takes place in autoclaves for around forty days at a controlled temperature of 14-15°C, with the addition of selected yeasts according to the “Charmat-Martinotti method”. This produces a premium quality Italian Prosecco that is bottled into its iconic, shiny metallic gold bottle inspired by the tiles that adorn the famous St Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

The original idea of Bottega Gold dates back to 2000, when Sandro Bottega – owner of the Italian winery and distillery – created an eye-catching packaging for its premium quality Prosecco. The bottle itself is produced with a complex patented metallic finishing process and has been sought-after by competitors for many years. 

Bottega Gold’s alluring appearance paired with its fresh taste, fine bubbles, delicate aromas and low alcohol make it a perfect tipple to toast to all life’s celebratory moments – like weddings, birthdays or Christmas and any other moments of indulgence. The elegant metallized bottle is the perfect gift and can also be upcycled after consumption, and  used as candleholder or flower vase to bring a continuous sparkle into your home.

Bottega Gold is distributed in over 90 countries and is sold at 100 duty free shops worldwide. It is the most popular Prosecco on the America search-engine, and the Best Seller Sparkling and Most Wished Wine & Champagne on Amazon UK. Additionally, Bottega has been ranked number two in the global travel retail market among Champagne and sparkling wine brands according to the IWSR ranking. The only brand ahead of Bottega is a well-known Champagne winery, which makes Bottega Prosecco the world’s number one sparkling wine in global travel retail, other than Champagne.