Insiders guide to Kyoto 2016

14 Oct 2015
2 min read
With the imminent release of the new Michelin Guide 2016 for Kyoto, FOUR asked Melinda Joe her thoughts on who she thinks might be the reigning stars, who to look out for and the places closest to her heart…
Kyoto 2016

What changes do you think we’ll see in this years guide?

As with the previous year, I don’t expect any major changes in the three-star category. If I were to recommend one three-star kaiseki restaurant to try in Kyoto, it would probably beHyotei, which is set in a beautiful garden and has an amazing history. Yasuhiro Tahakashi is the 15th-generation chef, and his style is extremely traditional, precise, and subtle. The last time I visited Hyotei, we dined in a tatami-floored tearoom that was more that was over 200 years old.

Whichrestaurants are currently on your radar?

One restaurant that I’m interested in right now is Ankyu, which was recommended to me by my friend and fellow FOUR Asia-Australia Rising Star panelist Perm Paitayawat. The restaurant has two stars, and the chef there is one to watch in Kyoto.

The number of restaurants in the one-star and Bib Gourmet sections has been growing every year, which is great. I asked JJ O’Donoghue, who writes about restaurants in Kyoto for The Japan Times, for a couple of recommendations and he suggestedKyokabutoyaand Harimaya in Kyoto, and Gohan Isshin in Osaka.

Who would you like to see get a star?

The place I’d love to see get a star but hasn’t yet is Tempura Matsu, an understated, family-owned kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto (it started out as a tempura restaurant and never changed the name). The chef uses top-quality ingredients and everything is prepared with great care.

The official release date of the 2016 Michelin Guide Kyoto is 20/10/15 butto keep up to date with the upcoming Michelin Guide release clickhere…

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