INK by Martyn Meid

03 Mar 2014
2 min read
“Fresh and simple ingredients for everyone”; Martyn Meid talks to FOUR about his new Nordic restaurant INK, which has just opened in London…

Having been brought up in the small port town in Lithuania, chef Meid was in at the deep end when it came to preserving fresh fish and seafood that needed to be kept through the year.“Winter is my favourite season – they were really cold where I grew up”, he told FOUR. “We needed to prepare throughout the summer to survive the cold season that would reach lows of -30 or -35° C.” So Martyn became a master of pickling, curing and smoking fish.

Today, chef Meid’s cuisine fuses his experience of Nordic food and simple preserving techniques with his experience of French cuisine under chef Alan Jones at restaurant Almeida, and his experience of mastering fresh seafood at The Dock Seafood Restaurant.

“INK will focus on fresh, simple and raw ingredients for everyone”, Martyn explains. Seasonal, organic and local ingredients will be used with fresh berries, leaves, apples, pears in summer and confit, cured and smoked meat and vegetables in the winter.

So what’s the concept behind INK? Three words: “fresh, new and simple”. Ingredients will be organic and local where possible; the cod with be straight from the North Sea, the chicken livers will be organic, the lamb from North Yorkshire. The flavours will bring Meid’s passion for Nordic and Scandinavian cuisine and experience in continental gastronomy, together with simplicity and ease. And the aesthetics will be clean and precise. There will be nothing fussy about INK.

“I want to connect people between space, taste and emotions”, chef Meid tells FOUR; nowadays food is so readily available to everyone that the quality and experience of food is not quite challenged enough. INK will do just this – using traditional techniques, great ingredients and culinary simplicity Meid aims to show people that delicious food can be made simply.

Read more about Martyn’s career on his chef’s profile .


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