Convince Île Four’sdistinguished judges (Gregor Scholl, Rum Trader; Ricardo Albrecht, Bar Immertreu; Sanjay Cachemaille, Cocktailian; Jörg Meyer, Le Lion & Gäste) that you mix the best sake cocktails of all and you could be in for a chance to win a professional leather bar bag with equipment & sake worth €1,000!

How it works

Fill in the form. Deadline is three weeks before the Sake Challenge in each city. We will send you 1 bottle Île Four Yuzu and 1 bottle Île Four Premium Sake.

Mix your great cocktail! Choose between:

A. a short drink with max. 9cl, at least 1cl yuzu sake and max. 5 ingredients.

B. a long drink with max. 20cl, at least 2cl Île Four Premium Sake and max. 7 ingredients.

You are allowed to bring your own syrups or infusions, but please be prepared to explain the ingredients and production.

Send us your recipe with ingredients and descriptions of the mixing proces, along with a picture of the finished drinks until 10 days before the Sake Challenge takes place in your selected city.

Our expert judges select the best applications for participation in each city. If you are invited, you will be asked prepare your application drink plus one more drink (1 short and 1 long drink – same criteria as above) in front of the eyes of our judges.

The top two per city will be invited to the final in Berlin.

At the final you will again prepare your application drink and one more drink (1 short and 1 long drink as above).

Submissions will also be judged via facebook poll which will be taken into consideration at the final.


  1. Bar bag with bar utensils and sake – value: €1,000
  2. Bar-roll-up with utensils and sake – value: €500
  3. Silver Île Four shaker and sake – value: €300

The dates

18 November 2013: Berlin, Le Croco Bleu

25 November 2013: Cologne, TBA

2 December 2013: Munich, TBA

9 December 2013: Hamburg, Le Lion

16 December 2013: Zurich, TBA

13 January 2014: Final: Berlin, Le Croco Bleu

How to register

Details and registration via our website, facebook page or bring your filled-in form to the Île Four stall No. 119 at BCB (Bar Convention Berlin)