Identità Golose 2014

22 Jul 2013
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Identità Golose have revealed their plans for the first event of 2014: A Celebration of “A Tasty Intelligence”

The first event of Identità Golose 2014 was announced yesterday, the theme of which is “A Tasty Intelligence”. It will take place from 9-11 February at the Congress Centre on Via Gattamelata.

The idea came to founder of Identità Golose, Paolo Marchi, while dining at Bo Innovation in Hong Kong with chef Massimo Bottura. Bottura commented simply “I would like to be considered an intelligent chef”. This innocuous comment made Marchi wonder what was involved in deeming a chef intelligent.

For Marchi, having intelligence in the kitchen means always having a clear vision. While accepting the inevitable element of chance in culinary success, he feels that it is the intelligent chefs who can invent, create, and design dishes and menus successfully time and again. Culinary intelligence is about adapting to the times while being aware of the traditions: understanding how to limit calories without compromising on flavour; accommodating for vegans so they leave the restaurant feeling just as satisfied as the carnivores.

Identità Golose 2014 will have Pino Cuttaia’s Squid Egg as its symbol. The mollusc, which represents a chicken egg, is seen as an example of intelligent, adaptive cooking that has its roots very much in traditional methods.

Last year, Identità Golose held their annual event in Harrods, London. Seven of the world’s top Italian chefs congregated in the iconic department store to prepare a traditional Italian meal for customers willing to pay £150 for a ticket.

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