Iconic Kitchens | DOCA

01 Jul 2019
2 min read
Leaders in innovation, quality and elegance, DOCA design and craft superb kitchens using certified environmentally friendly wood. Combining diverse materials harmoniously, DOCA create unique spaces where ergonomy, balance and precision reign.

DOCA creates its poetic language based on a perfect definition between volume and space, as well as design and functionality. Bright ideas, positive vision and desire to excel make up the daily identity of a team of young and active professionals, coherent with the reality of the present and always looking into tomorrow. We believe in new conceptions overflowing with details that reaffirm the style of a unique point of view.

As we say, combining a piece of Nordic wood of more than two hundred years of history with a plate of steel and carbon, fresh from the most daring technological institute of the moment, becomes an innovative and necessary exercise. It happens too when you think about porcelain material to design the door of a shelf, and it’s called visual poetry. If done well, the result can be genuinely stimulating and functional. It is the reason why some of our proposals are pieces of contemporary art that also hold optimal conditions for cooking, for watching, for talking, love and thinking. Precisely, that has been our work premise since we began to draw our first models in 1980.

In this sense, the word “kitchen” seems, nowadays, very small when it comes to naming the essential area in the apartment. We will continue to call it DOCA space while someone finds a better definition. As intimate as an alcove, as comfortable as a living room, as clean and promising as the future.

In DOCA, the art of professionals leaves behind the result of product and creation in material and sensitive forms. We add the externalization of ideal aspirations, of intimate desires, conception and feeling. We are the synthesis of the personal and collective commitment of more than 35 years of efforts, of research, of exploration, of experimentation of new technologies and products at the service of a high concept of quality and design that would not have been possible without a strong capacity for sacrifice.

DOCA joins many efforts for the proper development of comprehensive and versatile environments, where the standards of quality, sustainability, vanguard, functionality and simplicity remain nude in each of the unique spaces designed for the delight of our customers. All under an ecological consciousness, backed by the various labels that endorse us as a responsible company and committed to the environment.

Furthermore, Doca’s internationalization strategy has led it to be present at the Milan Fair, Eurocucina, in its two previous editions in 2016 and 2018. Currently, it is developing new proposals for the next fair expected in 2020. Thus, DOCA professionals will continue to present new styles that adapt to the very latest trends.

This exhibition experience marks a point of inflection for DOCA’s business strategy, allowing the entrance of new markets such as Australia, Latvia, Iran, South Africa or Lebanon, among others. An expansion added to the countries and continents where our products are already present: France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Puerto Rico, Russia, Mexico and the USA.


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