Hotel Sacher Wien Launches Sacher Séparée Experience

05 Jun 2020
2 min read
The iconic Vienna hotel is bringing a much-loved nineteenth century tradition into the modern age by converting select Sacher Suites into pop-up restaurants. A perfect way to still enjoy dining out safely, the Sacher Séparées invite guests to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the comfort of their own private suite. 

First conceived by famous hotelière Anna Sacher, the Hotel Sacher Wien was renowned for its exclusive Sacher Séparées in the 1800s. Now, two centuries later, the hotel is paying homage to its history by relaunching the 2020 edition of Sacher Séparées. Secluded, elegant and uninterrupted, these exclusive dining experiences guarantee private enjoyment in the times of social distancing.

After a 10-week closure, the hotel reopens today June 5th with a new and unique offering. Exclusivity and privacy have always been part of the Sacher experience, and the Sacher Séparées are no different. Politicians and celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Justin Bieber have all taken kindly to the hotel’s discretion-orientated approach and enjoyed their own Sacher Séparée experiences. Now the hotel has opened up the offer to the public in an aim to entice locals and guests from Austria and surrounding countries to visit the hotel and indulge in its delicious cuisine.

The Sacher Séparée experience invites up to four guests plus two children to reserve one of the hotel’s suites for up to three hours and have breakfast, lunch or dinner served by a private butler. For added excitement, the exact suite remains a surprise until check-in.

Prices range from 45 euros per person for breakfast and 75 euros per person for lunch and dinner, and give guests the opportunity to revel in their very own miniature restaurant to the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Vienna skyline. Bookings can be made via email here and should be done at least 24 hours in advance.

To ensure the safety of all guests, the Sacher Group hotels  have adopted strict safety guidelines as outlined here. Both the Vienna and Salzburg hotels are also offering Sacher To Go menus for takeaways. Enjoy the famous Sacher Torte and other favorites from the comfort of your home. Find out details about these menus here (Vienna) and here (Salzburg).