Hong Kong’s 2 Michelin-starred Écriture teams up with Moscow’s acclaimed restaurant, Selfie, for a 2-night culinary collaboration

19 Mar 2019
2 min read
This March, Chef Maxime Gilbert of Écriture will host Chef Anatoly Kazakov of Selfie for 2 nights of gastronomy greatness in Hong Kong.

The culinary event, set to take place on 21 and 22 March at Écriture in Hong Kong, will feature a specially curated 10-course tasting menu designed by the two chefs.

Selfie, which sits at number 70 on the World’s 100 Best Restaurants list, is led by Chef Anatoly Kazakov of the White Rabbit Family restaurant holding. Alongside Kazakov in the kitchen at Selfie is Chef Vladimir Mukhin, and together, the chef duo present guests with the most premium of Russian produce, cooked to perfection. The chefs’ menu at Selfie showcases a unique geography of 15 Russian regions, and includes ingredients such as pork from Kursk, halibut from Murmansk, veal from Bryansk, asparagus from Tver and truffle from the Crimea. Seasonal products, careful attitude to traditions and present-day cooking techniques are the three main principles of the Selfie kitchen.

Écriture, which holds 2 Michelin stars in the prestigious gastronomic guide, is an elegant establishment that focuses on elevating French cuisine to new heights. Chef Maxime Gilbert blends traditional French cooking with exceptional Japanese produce, exploring endless culinary possibilities that unite Western craftsmanship with Eastern philosophies.

The menu for the event is a representation of both chefs’ cooking styles. Russian-born chef Anatoly Kazakov seeks and finds harmony in the combination of only 3-4 ingredients in each dish, showing that even the simplest products may create a truly gastronomic experience. Maxime Gilbert brings French finesse using Japanese produce to the special collaboration menu, which is as follows for the evenings of 21 and 22 March:


  • Pomme dauphine
  • Chicken skin and mushroom pate
  • Crab and young almonds
  • Seaweed Bonbon
  • Smoked haddock crisp


  • Sea Urchin and Caviar Tart (Écriture)
  • Cauliflower, Sheep Cheese and Black Truffle (Selfie)
  • Shrimp and coffee (Selfie)
  • Bamboo Millefeuilles and Green Pea (Écriture)
  • Murmansk Halibut, Peeled Apple and Fermented Kohlrabi (Selfie)
  • Kuro Awabi (Écriture)
  • Pigeon, Jerusalem Artichoke, Pine Cones and Grated Lingonberries (Selfie)
  • White Mushrooms, Koumiss and Black Chanterelles (Selfie)
  • Chocolate Tart Soufflé (Écriture)


  • Chocolate Tart Soufflé (Écriture)
  • Petits fours


The dinner is priced at HK$2,488 + 10% per guest and can be booked by contacting Écriture at www.ecriture.hk