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26 Jun 2020
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To experience, to share, and to discover, this is Serax’s mantra. From ethereal lighting to exquisite tableware, elegant furniture and eye-catching décor pieces, Serax is all about creating beautiful spaces.

Working with designers around the world to create elements of pure beauty, Serax are masters of home aesthetics. Designed to enhance the personality of your interior and create unforgettable moments at your dining table, each Serax collection is unique in shape, material and style, and is crafted by experts in their fields. 

Ann Demeulemeester is the creative genius behind some of Serax’s most loved tableware and lighting products. After moving to the countryside and embarking on a renovation project for her newly acquired 19th-century house and its surrounding plot, Ann began cooking up a storm with the crisp-picked produce from her freshly-planted vegetable garden. It wasn’t long before she realized the need for a dining table, lighting and her very own cutlery and crockery collection to complete her home and so, she set to work.

In her studio, Ann indulged in her love for ceramics and after deepening her knowledge in all things pottery and porcelain, she purchased a professional kiln and began sculpting her first very first clay creations. Soon she partnered with Serax to showcase her unique plates, bowls, cups, dishes and vases to the world.

Since Ann’s collaboration with Serax began in 2018, she has seen much success. From her studio in Belgium she shares her ideas, skills and techniques with ceramists in China, so that her incredible pieces can be brought to life and shared with fellow epicures around the globe.

Ann’s pieces, which include porcelain tableware, glass, and cutlery, are equal parts sculptures and functional items. They allow for freedom of expression at the table and in the home. The universal act of eating and drinking is transcended to new heights through Ann’s poetic creations, creations that ignite the tension between fragility and power, and light and shade.



A collection of plates, cups and bowls that rest on a pedestal, elevating both their semblance and the contents within. Available in an ivory silk matte glaze, a black matte glaze and a matte green glaze, each version beguiles with its beauty.

Dé is all about chiaroscuro, intertwining light to create a veritable exhibition of shadow paintings portrayed on porcelain. On the plates’ edges, a hand-painted dégradé featuring an orchestra of lines makes each piece unique. The plates come in four sizes and six variations of black paintings, as well as red paintings. They are also available in solid glossy black. The cups come in two sizes and different versions, including a solid black or off-white version, without paintings.



Zoë’s innovative design brings finesse and vigour to the dining table. Boasting a strong sculptural shape, these knives, forks and spoons each have a unique, hand-faceted handle that fragments light gloriously, creating an elegance that juxtaposes the cutlery’s weight. This striking cutlery collection is produced in four variations: matte black stainless steel, matte anthracite stainless steel, polished stainless steel and polished silver-plated stainless steel.



A mouth-blown series of five glasses in lead-free crystal, featuring delicate curvature rounded-off in a subtly-bent edge. These glasses are available in both a clear and a luminous green-tinted version.


Elegance and ease of use characterize the Grace collection. Also mouth-blown in lead-free crystal, this modern design features a straight stem and subtly-bent edge, and is produced in both clear and luminous green-tinted versions.


The Billie collection oozes skill and sophistication. A taster goblet is set on a slender stem, pooling aromas and encouraging controlled swirling for ultimate enjoyment. Also available stemless, this multipurpose variant can used for both water and wine.


Strong and sculptural, the Dora collection features a flawless rounded glass that rests on a solid cross-shaped base. The cross’s veins disappear upwards into the glass, where they eventually merge creating a stark statement. There are five different glasses in the Dora collection, all produced in pale green glass.


Edie is all about simplicity. This mouth-blown, lead-free collection can suit any setting and style, while bringing a certain panache to the table courtesy of its contrasting circular lines and straight base.


The Lee collection is distinguished by its polished finish that highlights its unique geometric design. Alluring in its semblance, this collection comes in a series of six lead-free, mouth-blown crystal glasses.



Intertwining functionality with their intriguing aesthetic, Ribbons have always played an integral role in Ann Demeulemeester’s work. In her lighting creations, Ann takes full advantage of this allure, using carefully arranged fine porcelain ribbons to give each light its own identity. The ribbons’ design also allows inimitable reflection and dimming of the light. The porcelain lights are constructed of porcelain, lacquered steel, wood and black twisted cord.


A table lamp with a waterfall of porcelain ribbons cascading dramatically from an oval support, this light reveals different aspects from every angle. Forever pleasing to the eye, this lamp stands tall on a sturdy cross-shaped foot.


A table lamp, hanging lamp and wall lamp composed of a sleek, round curtain of porcelain ribbons that hides its light source within. The table lamp has a sturdy cross-shaped base, while the the height of the Olga hanging lamp and wall lamp can be adjusted as desired.


Gilda’s wide porcelain ribbons have varying lengths, resulting in a beautiful interplay of light and shadow when illuminated. A ceiling lamp, hanging lamp (in two different sizes) and wall lamp are available in this design.


The fragility and authenticity of the fine ‘bone china’ takes center stage in this cross-shaped table lamp, which comes in two sizes. This light’s presence has a lasting effect on both its environment and area of placement.


Luna’s ingenious suspension system enables the light’s direction to be altered as desired. The black E27 mirror lamp light source subjects  the hanging or wall lamp’s surrounding porcelain circle to the most beautiful reflection.


In this wall and hanging lamp, the light source is out of view, amplifying the tension between light and shadow. Much like a solar eclipse, this porcelain-encircled ambient light oozes mystery and awe.


Tactility, contrast and poetry are the defining elements of this collection’s powerful disposition. These lights do not blend into their surrounds, but rather demand attention and ignite passion with their hand-painted viscose thread guises. Their impact on the ambiance and resultant lighting of a space is truly transcendent. The viscose lights are constructed of black lacquered steel, brass, hand-painted and hand-knotted viscose threads and black twisted cord.


Rey’s helical suspension heightens the drama of its viscose threads, whose soft, fuzzy form is contrasted with the spiral’s sharp point. The wall lamp’s flexible fiberglass stem adds to the tension, teasing the laws of gravity.


Perched on a trio of razor-sharp needles, this table lamp beguiles with its long viscose threads in hand-painted gradients. Kiki is available in two color sets: black and white or scarlet and cream.


Supported by two sharp needles that pin a semi-circle full of viscose wires to the wall, this lamp is irresistible to the touch. Inviting you to caress its soft black and white or scarlet and cream viscose strands, this light basks in the glory of its glowing hue.


This hanging and floor lamp is the perfect juxtaposition of grace and gaunt: sharp needles meet delicate wires in the shape of a V.


This large, chic hanging lamp is a statement piece for any room. Composed of thousands of hand-painted viscose threads, it is available in solid black or in a gradient effect.

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Images © Victor Robyn