History and food in Miami

27 Jul 2016
2 min read
Trained in history, culture and architecture, local foodie Grace Della guides visitors and locals through the neighbourhoods of Miami. She tells us about the Miami Culinary Tours.
Milling around Miami

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur and ethnic dining expert, Grace Della, Miami Culinary Tours offers guided cultural walking and food tours through Miami’s historic neighbourhoods.

“I wake up with a cup of Cuban coffee before I check my computer. I do all the marketing and logistics for Miami Culinary Tours so I answer peoples’ questions, prepare proposals for private groups and promote our tours online. I answer all sorts of questions as we have a “chat” feature on our website at miamiculinarytours.com where people can chat at any time directly with me. I love the questions I get. For example, where can I find Guanabana in Miami? Where is the best Cuban coffee served in Miami? How do I get to Little Havana? All of these questions may or may not lead to people booking a food tour with us. But helping people find the best spots to eat in Miami is not only my responsibility to answer, but I love doing it. I strongly believe that giving free information to people is what Miami Culinary Tours is all about. We are foodies, we relate to people who want to find the best bites in a new city and we go the extra mile to help. Sometimes I have people asking me what was the name of a restaurant they visited with our culinary tours years back! My day then continues managing one food writer in house and seven tour guides.

Private large groups are quite a challenge. Crafting a culinary event for 100 people and then making sure that every piece of the puzzle falls into place perfectly is very challenging. The reward is when a client emails the next day saying how much they enjoyed the tour and how great and passionate our guides are, that makes my day.

I founded Miami Culinary Tours with the main idea of introducing people to ethnic cuisines, mostly Latin as we are in Miami. We offer three very distinctive tours, the South Beach Food Tour, The Little Havana Food Tour and the Wynwood Art District Food Tour. At each of the tours people get familiar with the history, culture and architecture of the area and have a chance to interact with locals. Our job is done when we show visitors and locals the hidden treasures that can be found at a mom-and-pop type of restaurant or a hole in the wall delicious eatery. We tell the stories behind the food and introduce the people that make it.

A Miami Culinary Tour will guide you through the heart of Miami, from rich foods and their heritages, through discovering local artists to absorbing the culture and layers of flavours that make Miami what it is: a city like no other. It is a fantastic way to introduce out-of-towners to what is on offer. Miami Culinary Tours also guides local Miamians through a Miami they never knew existed.”

For more information about Miami Culinary Tours, visit miamiculinarytours.com