Heston’s perfect steak

26 Dec 2013
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Follow Heston Blumenthal’s guide to cooking the perfect steak

Thought you knew how to cook the perfect steak? Think again. We’ve uncovered ‘s guide to cooking the perfect steak in this step-by-step video by Gurman-TV.

Heston says: “For me, the perfect steak should bejuicy, tender and packed full of flavour.”

Go for a steak that is thick enough so it doesn’t dry out on the pan that has really nice “fat marbling,” Heston advises.

Why go for marbled cuts? Because it will help the steak stay juicy. Choose a cut like sirloin or rib eye. Place the steak on a cake rack in the fridge for two days to let the cool air circulate around the cut and dry it out, which concentrates the flavour and tenderises it.

Another mistake people make is to cook the steak straight from the fridge. Take the cut of steak from the fridge, leave it to sit for a couple of hours until it reaches room temperature before cooking.

For the rest of Heston’s tips, watch the video!