Handcrafted Poetry | Klatt Objects

18 Jun 2020
2 min read
With an eye for detail and decadence, Detlef Klatt – founder and curator behind contemporary brand Klatt Objects – creates beguiling lifestyle pieces that bring a new dimension of beauty and functionality to the home. FOUR goes behind the scenes with the up-and-coming creative…

The light is broken by the delicate mesh of the white bowl. Its textile-like structure made of high-quality fine bone china is reminiscent of icing. The small porcelain spoon promises indulgence par excellence. It’s a sight that invites you to dedicate time to something extra special. 

This poetic setting is the work of Klatt Objects, a new brand from Germany that deserves our attention. The carefully selected collections are sophisticated and diverse, just like the man behind them. Detlef Klatt is a designer, master florist and entrepreneur. His name stands for select design which is emotive, natural, self-conscious, cosmopolitan and earthy.

“Klatt Objects was born of the need to create something meaningful and beautiful. It’s all about roots, appreciation and the positive vibe created when we can identify with our environment. Objects for our multifaceted selves,” says Detlef Klatt.

He unveiled his first collection at the beginning of the year, which included a wide array of contemporary products relating to the lifestyle topic of indulgence. Almost all of the designs are his own work. What’s special here is that each collector’s piece within the stringently developed small series lends itself to highly versatile use and works both on its own and in a creative arrangement.

As such, Detlef Klatt offers the high-end food service and hotel industries a new dimension in design. Combining what’s already in use with carefully selected pieces to create personal statements is one of his strengths. He explains, “There is an abundance of many things these days. But all it takes is the right products to create new and unmistakable accents time and again.”

His products are exclusively handcrafted in small workshops. “You can see and sense the difference immediately – the attention and love with which each piece is made,’ says the entrepreneur, who also adapts his lines to customers’ specific wishes on a project basis.”

The feedback has been overwhelming and a number of chefs and boutique hotels had made Klatt Objects a part of their business even before its official launch. Select items will also be available in retail stores for consumers from this summer.

To find more inspiration and supply sources, visit Klatt Objects’ online platforms using the following links:

Website: klatt-objects.com

Instagram: @klatt.objects

Facebook: @klatt.objects.gmbh