Halloweenallows everyone to release their inner jack-o-lantern by celebrating all things spook-tacular from costumes and décor to scary looking food and drinks. That’s where Crystal Head Vodka comes into play. The skull shaped bottle not only houses a deliciously luxurious spirit to serve, but lends the perfect touch to any spread at your Halloween bash. Treat your adult party guests to some gruesome looking, fun-themed Halloween drinks deliciously inspired by Crystal Head Vodka.

The Crystal Head bottle was designed by renowned American artist John Alexander. The bottle itself is manufactured in Milan, Italy, one of the major fashion capitals of the world, where detailed integrity is of utmost importance, whether it be for high-end fashion or the making of this exquisite vessel. Not only does each bottle contain super fine crystal to achieve the clarity, but each are hand-inspected and take up to 16 times longer to create.

Crystal Head is crafted with the highest quality peaches and cream corn grown in Ontario, Canada and distilled into a neutral grain spirit. The quadruple distilled, gluten-free spirit is then blended with pristine water of Newfoundland, Canada. The vodka is filtered seven times, of which three are through semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. Nothing is added to enhance or mask the pure taste of Crystal Head; no glycerol, no citrus oils and no sugars.

Crystal Head Vodka is the must-have hostess gift to bring to a dinner party, a special occasion event or to serve to guests at Halloween parties. Crystal Head is available at liquor retail outlets in the following sizes: 50 ml, 700 ml, 1.75 L and 3L.

Find out more about Crystal Head Vodka atcrystalheadvodka.com.