Grand Cru Chocolate

05 Dec 2014
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In need of some luxury Christmas present inspiration? Or just fancy a wonderful treat? Sprüngli’s chocolates are just the thing you need…

Sélection de Truffes Grand Cru | The Best of Dark Chocolate

The consummate assortment for lovers of dark chocolate features four melt-in-the-mouth Grand Cru truffles. Each is made with a different Grand Cru chocolate from a premium cocoa variety from the world’s best growing regions:

Trinitario de Sambirano | Madagascar | 64% cocoa

Character of this premium truffle: mild, harmonious bouquet with light, fresh citrus note and elegant finish.

Criollo de Maracaibo | Venezuela | 65% cocoa

Character of this premium truffle: aromatic body with a hint of orange blossom and cinnamon. Bittersweet at the start with a light coffee note in the aftertaste.

Arriba, Esmeraldas | Ecuador | 72% cocoa

Character of this premium truffle: intense, pristine power on the palate, with a hint of smoky spice and harmonious fruit acid, elegant in the finish.

Trinitario de Santo Domingo, República Domenicana, 75% cocoa

Character of this premium truffle: an aroma reminiscent of black tea, striking in its fruitiness and with a hint of vanilla in the finish.

The four Grand Cru chocolates are blended with fresh cream by masters of their craft with great passion to create utterly exquisite truffle fillings, then enrobed in delicate, dark Swiss chocolate before being dusted with a hint of cocoa powder. The result is four matchless Grand Cru truffles with lusciously creamy fillings of freshly stirred ganache – the sheer epitome of dark chocolate. Though made in Switzerland, the Sélection de Truffes Grand Cru can be ordered via online shop from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Discover other Sprüngli creations online at and treat yourself to these exquisitely indulgent delicacies anywhere in the world.

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