What is the meaning of dry ageing?

Dry ageing is an old butcher´s method. The meat matures dry on the bone in a temperature-controlled cooler for a certain period of time. This gives the meat a concentration of the natural flavour, and causes a tenderisation of the meat texture.

What happens to the meat when it´s dry aged?

Dry ageing changes beef by two means. Firstly, the meat loses up to 30 percent of its weight because of the evaporation of moisture. That causes a concentration of the flavour. Secondly, the natural enzymes of the beef break down the structure of the muscle fibre, which leads to more tender beef. We dry age our beef up to three weeks, to maximise this process.

How do you roast dry aged beef best?

You can roast dry aged steaks just like every other steak, by pan or barbecue. If you use a pan, it is important to take one you can heat to a very high temperture, like a pan made of iron. Roast the steak for about two minutes on each side. Then put it into an oven heated to 80 degrees for about 15 minutes. Spice it with a little, freshly ground salt and pepper.
That´s all you need for a perfect steak!

Is every dry aged steak equal?

No, the period of time for the dry ageing is important. Another important factor is the quality of the beef. We only take the best meat from Irish Hereford beef to create the best dry aged steaks, which customers can get online atGourmetfleisch.de– one of the biggest online counters for dry aged beef steaks. When you taste one of our dry aged steaks for the first time, you will instantly see why we put so much effort and passion into them!

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