Gourmet delights in Northern Germany

13 Nov 2014
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Guests at the Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival were able to sample the culinary creations of yet another Michelin-star chef.

The 28th Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival continued this week with an appearance byJens Jacob at Schulauer Fährhaus in Wedel. Cooking at the glass show kitchen of the restaurant, together with local chefFranz Jost, the two-Michelin-star chefpresented a French-inspired 5-course menu.

Jacob trained atHostellerie Bacher in Neunkirchen (Saar). After further stations, including restaurant Legere in Saarbrücken, he moved to GästehausKlaus Erfortin 2004. There he gained valuable experience and much knowledge about the gourmet kitchen and the qualities of the 3-star chef and made it his own. In 2007 he opened his own restaurant in Klaus Erfort’sneighbourhood:Le Noir was awardeda Michelin star in 2010. The bright, no-frills restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and young service staff focuses on the products and features intense flavoures combined with modern ease. The second Michelin star followedin 2012, when he became the culinary number two right after his teacher Klaus Erfort.The 42-year-old likes to present classic dishes in a contemporary way, saying: “Much of what has been delicious for decades, you do not have to reinvent, but reinterpreted.” As the restaurant moved address in mid-2014, the Le Noirlost its stars, but the restaurant team is proud to continue their French-style haute cuisine.

The redesigned Schulauer Fährhausandchef Franz Jost are excited about Jacob’s debut and guest were able to experience a relaxedfine-dining evening with many culinary highlights.

For more information visit www.schulauer-faehrhaus.de and for moredates for the Gourmet Festival visitwww.gourmetfestival.de.