The two-Michelin-star chef Diethard Urbansky is the latest guest chef to feature at the Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival. For his menu, heenhanced even seemingly simple products of the best quality resulting in a perfect dining experience. On two evenings a total of 152 guests enjoyed his imaginative five-course menu:

Beef tartar, soya, whitefish caviar; Octopus, langoustine, Tossaka algae, tapioca;Salmon, hemp, eel fat, roasted onions; Monkfish, Majorcan sausage, artichoke, Amalfi lemon; Bresse pigeon, truffles, Jerusalem artichokes, pears; Cassis fig, poppy oil, yogurt.

Local chef Dominik Köndgen and his team were well-prepared for the ‘Chef of the Year 2014’. “We are a young, open-minded team here at Park Hotel Ahrensburg. For his favoured low-heat cooking method we had to hire special kitchen equipment. Our collaboration has been very harmonious,” says Köndgen, who was thrilled about the range of components in the guest chef’s cooking. His style is modern, subtle and without any superfluous decoration.

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Images © S. Plaß