Going for Gold: SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG Unveils Striking New Grand Cru Gold Collection

26 Oct 2021
2 min read
Following the successful champagne tumbler collection Sip of Gold, SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG presents Grand Cru Gold, a range of handcrafted wine and digestif tumblers made of porcelain and gold. The most lively and exuberant way to enjoy your favourite tipple!

Founded by brothers Christian and Michael Sieger in 2005, the premium German porcelain brand SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG combines the Sieger brothers’ extraordinary designs with Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG’s over 270 years of handicraft expertise. Then as is now, Christian and Michael were driven by a desire to create intelligent, beautiful tabletop collections that fulfil the demands of exclusive projects and modern gastronomy. The uncompromising thin-walled and precise products made from quality European hard-paste porcelain require the highest levels of craftsmanship, and the latest Grand Cru Gold Collection is no different.

Light-hearted verve in its purest form: the new porcelain tumblers from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG make wine lively and exuberant. The Grand Cru Gold collection is inspired by a buoyant lightness and joie de vivre – what SIEGER likes to call “the good life”. Only a tiny point of the finely curved bases touches the table, which creates moving moments in the most literal sense of the term. When drinks are served into the handcrafted tumblers, they rock elegantly back and forth before returning to their natural state of balance. In a charming fashion, they encourage interaction – inviting dinner guests to give them a little spin or gentle tap, or to chink tumblers with other guests: cheers to that!

The new tableware favourites are available in three different styles to suit any mood or preference: matte satin white, high-gloss white and Black Curl, a high-contrast striped décor. A single twist and the black and white tumblers will spin on the table like whirligigs, creating an optical illusion.

The wine and digestif tumblers are handmade from the finest porcelain and 24-carat gold in the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG studios in Germany. The millimetre-thin walls and rounded bases demand great delicacy of touch and the utmost precision. Each tumbler is individually adorned with gold on the inside, accentuating these one-of-a-kind pieces’ precious quality and ensuring the wine that is served in them maintains the right temperature for longer. The Grand Cru Gold tumblers’ unique design and handcrafted quality make them versatile favourites for whenever family and friends come together to eat, drink and enjoy the good life.

But SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG is not only loved by homeware aficionados – the brand’s main focus is its collaboration with Michelin-starred chefs, luxury restaurants and prestigious five-star hotels across the globe. With its versatile MY CHINA! crockery line, SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG offers a most functional and universal collection that makes a wide variety of table arrangements possible. Available in three basic shapes and refined with diverse décors, the porcelain pieces can be combined in any number of ways and offer a perfect stage for haute cuisine. Meeting the needs of hospitality projects, the collection is rounded-off by bestsellers like the 24-carat champagne tumblers Sip of Gold and a range of further tableware, barware and home décor products.

To find out more about SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG and the new Grand Cru Gold collection, visit the brand’s website, Instagram profile or Facebook page.