Gastrophysics: the multi-sensory tasting dinner

24 Apr 2016
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What is the psychologist doing in the kitchen, you may ask? Welcome to the all-new world of “Sensploration”.

How do colour, aroma, texture and even sound affect how you experience flavour? Why do we like and dislike particular foods? And do we all experience flavour in the same way? The emerging science of ‘Gastrophysics’ – the combination of gastronomy and psychophysics – looks to answer all these questions and more.

Working in collaboration with Oxford University Professor of Experimental Psychology, Charles Spence, multi-sensory gastronomy experience designers ‘Kitchen Theory’, have ‘commandeered’ the Studio at London’s ANdAZ Liverpool Street Hotel and are opening their doors to the public for a limited number of multi-sensory dining experiences each month throughout 2016.

The events, which feature either a four course lunch or an eight course tasting dinner, invite guests to experience food in a whole new way. Do certain foods taste sweeter while stroking velvet? Will ‘sonic seasoning’ one day replace the salt cellar? If you can’t smell a meal, what happens to your experience of flavour? Kitchen Theory’s Multi-sensory Tasting Dinner is the ultimate foodie senseploration.

With three years of sell-out gastronomic experiences and gastrophysics-related research publications already under their belt, Kitchen Theory’s new and highly anticipated multisensory dining experience is not one to miss.

Preconceptions will be challenged, while all of your senses will be stimulated. Dining will never be the same again.

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