Gastronomy for Good: Italia Keeps on Cooking Initiative Launched

31 Mar 2020
2 min read
The digital #ItaliaKeepsonCooking campaign launched on 26 March aims to raise funds for “Luigi Sacco” hospital in Milan to aid in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Over 60 chefs have come together for the cause, each of them wearing aprons with an encouraging message and shooting video-recipes to brighten the quarantine blues.

Created by Milan-based PR agency Alessia Rizzetto PR & Communication, the digital campaign which originally began as @milanokeepsoncooking, has evolved and extended to the whole of Italy. Now titled #ItaliaKeepsonCooking, the initiative hopes to raise funds for healthcare while bringing back some liveliness to the home kitchen following the lockdown of the country that resulted in the compulsory closure of all activities.

Thus, special aprons with the phrase “ITALIA KEEPS ON COOKING” have been produced for chefs, restaurant owners and gourmets that support the project, sending across a message of positivity and encouraging creativity at home with the chefs sharing video-recipes that can be easily replicated.

The project also has a charity-focus, aiming to donate all proceeds from the aprons sold to the “Luigi Sacco” hospital in Milan, whose intensive therapy department is actively involved in the struggle against COVID-19.

Founder of the eponymous PR & Communication agency, Alessia Rizzetto, explains the initiative: “Feeling very close to those working in the food and hospitality industry, we thought to  create a digital campaign which, sharing social media posts portraying the representatives of these categories wearing aprons with the claim ‘MILANO KEEPS ON COOKING’, would encourage people not to stop that creativity, dynamism and productivity which have always identified our attitude as Italians, and, at the same time, contributing for a good cause. When the lockdown was extended to all Italy we decided to turn it into a National project, involving as many chefs as possible throughout Italy, in order to further amplify the message and to spread good vibes across the country.”

The project now has over 60 chefs taking part, and their cook-at-home recipes can be found on the project’s official Instagram page @milanokeepsoncooking with English subtitles. Among the chefs involved are some of Italy’s most renowned cooks including Andrea Berton, Antonio Guida, Wicky Priyan, Andrea Aprea, Davide Oldani, Daniel Canzian, Enrico Bartolini, Eugenio Boer, Eugenio Roncoroni, Ernst Knam, Fabrizio Borraccino, Luigi Taglienti, Lorenzo Sirabella, Gianluca Fusto, Roberto Di Pinto, Giuseppe Zen, Riccardo Gaspari, Cristina Bowerman, Andrea Tortora, Michelangelo Mammoliti, Lorenzo Cogo, Simone Circella, Giuseppe Maglione, Luca Natalini, Antonia Klugmann, Moreno Cedroni, Cristiano Tomei, Chiara Pavan and Matteo Dolcemascolo, along with many others who are sharing an encouraging message daily to the world that says #italiakeepsoncooking.

People can support the fundraising for “Luigi Sacco” hospital through the purchase of an apron, which can be done by emailing


Image 1 and 2 © VUN Andrea Aprea, image 3 © Lume by Luigi Taglienti.