Gastronomy for Good: À table, les soignants!

16 Jun 2020
2 min read
Some of France’s best restaurants and brands have come together in support of front-line workers. The ‘À table, les soignants!’ initiative is aims to thank care givers by spoiling them and a guest of their choice to a night of fine gastronomy, while assisting the hard-hit restaurant industry to get back on its feet. 

Translated to “At the table, the caregivers!”, this outreach effort will give caregivers the opportunity to share a meal with a guest of their choice – a spouse, friend or colleague – that they would too like to thank for their unwavering support during this unprecedented time. The pair’s meal will be sponsored through donation by the restaurant, the project’s partners or donors from the community.

The restaurants involved include many Michelin-starred gastronomic sanctums, as well as a handful of much-loved cafes and bistros, dotted around France. The dining experience at these establishments is intended to pamper medical workers who have put their lives on the line during the pandemic caring for their community. By donating to the lunch or dinner, the public can give back and say thank you to these workers who cared for them when they needed it most.

By purchasing seats at tables and encouraging people to return to restaurants, the hospitality industry can also get much-needed support from the public and return to normal levels of activity after a truly trying time. Restaurants who would like to join the effort can sign up here. There are already 24 restaurants partaking in À table, les soignants!, including:

    The initiative is reserved for those who are part of resuscitation, pulmonology or emergency teams. If you are part of such a team,  please contact Solidarité avec les Carignants to get involved.

    The various options that restaurants have put forward to thank these medical personnel include Carte Blanche menus and Gift Boxes. For the Carte Blanche menu, restaurants and their chefs make tables available to the caregivers and offer them a customized meal prepared according to their preferences upon arrival. Gift Boxes allow individuals to directly purchase a meal for two and gift this to a caregiver.  

    If you would like to support the initiative by purchasing a Gift Box, or through the Michelin Guide’s Le Bon Menu, click here. Companies can also make direct donations to Solidarité avec les Carignants, to support the project, thanking front-line workers and protecting restaurateurs. Some of the current partners include: LVMH, The Michelin Guide, Cheval Blanc, Ecocea and Bonjour Paris.

    To find out more, visit the À table, les soignants! or follow them on Instagram.


    Images © Lucas Muller , Laurence Mouton and the respective restaurants