Gaggenau Releases New Combi-Steam Oven Series

16 Mar 2020
3 min read
The first brand to bring steam ovens into private kitchens for domestic use back in 1999, Gaggenau, has recently unveiled an innovative new steam oven series, further paving their way as world leaders in luxury kitchen appliances. 

Gaggenau was the original appliance manufacturer that brought professional-grade combi-steam ovens to private kitchens, giving amateur chefs the opportunity to steam, braise, bake, cook, grill and gratinate to their heart’s content, using methods that up until then were only used in professional kitchens.

When Gaggenau first developed their novel steam oven series in the nineties, the brand consulted with leading chefs to ensure that the oven’s technical specifications were on point for the creation of ideal steam-cooking conditions. Using a unique combination of humidity and hot air, the avante-garde oven was able to deliver beautifully cooked, health-conscious cuisine. Michelin-starred chef Marc Haeberlin was involved in the original development and 21 years later, the Gaggenau brand continues on this legacy, celebrating its design anniversary and creating a new generation of groundbreaking appliances.

The new, technically-advanced 400 and 200 series combi-steam ovens harness the power of steam without any restrictions. Through technical design and performance innovations, Gaggenau continues on as front runners in combi-steam oven design. These innovations include a fixed water connection model, in addition to a fully automatic cleaning system and a full surface grill hidden behind ceramic glass for the 200 series ovens. The introduction of a multicore temperature probe for both the 400 and 200 series offers accurate temperature reading, with a variance of one degree within a certain range.

The automatic cleaning system will be a  welcome addition to many households, taking out the hassle-filled chore of manually clearing  the oven of grease and grime after use. Through the use of a simple cleaning cartridge, the oven’s water supply effortlessly descales and removes any heavy soiling from the cavity interior. The cutting-edge cleaning system is also able to clean the entire oven with unrivalled hygiene, leaving it conveniently pristine in less than four hours.

The inclusion of fixed water connections in both the 200 and 400 series ovens ensures maximum ease of use with constant availability of water – an important factor when cooking for extended periods of time using the ovens’ sous-vide functionality. Water tanks are also an option for the combi-steam ovens, and offer versatile convenience with their easy accessibility and intelligent sensors that alert the user to the needs of the tanks, whether the fresh water is running low or the waste water tank requires emptying. The new combi-steam ovens also work perfectly in parallel with Gaggenau’s vacuuming drawer, creating ideal conditions for preparing sous-vide food gently and achieving outstanding results.

The new multicore temperature probe in both the 400 and 200 series is another surefire addition that will ensure that recipes can be cooked to perfection. The temperature probe offers accurate
temperature reading, with a variance of one degree within a certain range. With three temperature sensors, the probe can continually revise the estimated cooking time based on the readings, guaranteeing high quality results with every use.

The size of the oven cavity in the new 400 and 200 series combi-steam ovens has also been increased to 50 litres, filling the full width of the appliance and opening up more space for the creation of culinary masterpieces. With unrestricted flexibility, private chefs have free reign on the dishes and ingredients that can be cooked in the oven, offering an enhanced, almost limitless steam cooking experience.

What is equally as exciting is that even with all this ingenious technology on the inside, Gaggenau has remained committed to creating aesthetically beautiful products. Thus, the combi-steam
oven 200 series joins the 400 series to include a full surface grill hidden behind ceramic glass, ensuring the cavity of the oven remains sleek and minimalist. In addition, glare-free, emotive lighting is provided through invisible LEDs that direct light backwards to the food, allowing it to take center stage.

In keeping with the ever-increasing digitization of homes, Gaggenau’s new combi-steam ovens are also equipped with Home Connect, allowing the private chef to have more freedom through the control of their appliance online.

Managing Director of Global Brand Gaggenau, Dr Peter Goetz, comments on the oven’s iconic design and functionality: “Two decades of refinement and innovation has brought us to our new combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series. Our technological leadership has enabled us to create an appliance which offers perfect cooking results without restrictions while adding to the aesthetic of the kitchen. We believe that having the ability to cook like a professional is a statement of luxury that those who find enjoyment in culinary require. As the leaders of innovation, we look forward to continuing as the pioneers in both steam cooking technology and healthy food preparation.”

To find out more about the new combi-steam ovens, visit Gaggenau online via their website, Instagram profile, Pinterest board or YouTube channel.