Fusing Form and Function

12 Apr 2022
2 min read

Renowned knife manufacturer Friedr. Dick has unveiled its new PURE METAL AJAX steak and table knife. With its latest release, the German brand now also offers a knife masterpiece that serves as tableware, presenting the ultimate in form and function.

Friedr. Dick chef’s knives are the epitome of good knives and professionals have been relying on their quality for decades. The years of experience in the design and production of high-quality chef’s knives and their tough conditions in professional kitchens have been fully incorporated into the development of the PURE METAL AJAX steak and table knife. The aim was to create a table knife that matches the quality standards of the chef’s knives.

The style of the blade took its inspiration from the successful F. DICK AJAX chef’s knife. With the new interpretation of the AJAX style of blade, whose design dates back to the 1930s, Friedr. Dick has once again achieved a fine balance between tradition and modernity. The knife’s modern design, the so-called ‘Bauhaus’ style, was already the leading style from the 1920s onwards. The stylistic language and functionality are defining elements of this new addition to the Friedr. Dick family. This is clearly reflected in the shaping and the clear line of the steak and table knife’s handle, with its emphasis on puristic industrial design. The interplay of the blade material, cutting edge shape and handle design of the PURE METAL AJAX knife achieves an exceptional cutting experience with intuitive handling.



A decent steak knife plays a big part when enjoying a great steak. A knife that glides effortlessly through the meat already sets the taste buds flowing and a beautifully set table with an attractive knife only adds to the enjoyment and culinary experience.

The exceptionally wide blade surface and the curved and super sharp cutting edge of the PURE METAL AJAX guarantee a clean cut without sawing and tearing. One cut of the blade is all it takes to slice through the meat. The meat juices stay in the meat, the meat fibres are not torn and the result is a taste experience to savour. The PURE METAL AJAX steak knife has a smooth, narrow edge – rather than a serrated edge – ensuring a clean cut through the meat, no matter what the cooking level is. The PURE METAL AJAX  knife has also been designed with every type of food in mind, making it a true all-rounder and an eye-catching tableware addition.



All knives lose sharpness over time, especially when used on porcelain. But the specially designed curved blade shape means that only a small part of the cutting edge is ever in contact with the surface, without the entire cutting edge being damaged.



The steak and table knife also use the same tried-and-tested steel quality as all of our high-quality F. DICK chef’s knives. The exceptionally high-quality steel alloy ensures edge retention, wear resistance and maximum sharpness. This optimised steel quality promises the consummate F. DICK sharpness coupled with unparalleled hardness. The result is a long cutting edge lifetime that cannot be matched by the stainless knives conventionally used as cutlery.



The unique handle design prevents the knife blade from coming into contact with the table. Ever. So there is no need for a knife rest for your used knife to stop your table or other surfaces from getting dirty.

The PURE METAL AJAX steak and table knife is now available from specialist retailers, see a list of suppliers here.