Fresh Picks

31 May 2015
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To mark the beginning of British cheese week we have brought you FOUR of the best picks that the British Isles have to offer, with help from Srdja Mastilovic of the infamous Neil’s Yard Dairy, London.
St Jude Cheese

Made by | Julie Cheyney at Fen Farm Dairy, SuffolkContains | Raw Cow’s Milk, Animal Rennet

This beautiful cheese from Fen Farm Dairy is made from raw cow’s milk using aslow and gentle process. Theartisan methodallows the character of the milk to express itself resulting inSt Jude cheese being milky and gentle, with a silky texture.

Stawley Cheese

Made by | Will Atkinson at Hill Farm, Somerset

Contains |Raw Goat’s Milk, Animal Rennet

This special cheese from Hill Farm, Somerset is made using a delightfulmix of morning and evening milking’s. This cheese is dense and smooth textured in its paste with a nutty, creamy breakdown under the rind. Flavours are floral, honeyed and lactic.

Coolea Cheese

Made by | Dick Willems, Co. Cork, Ireland

Contains | Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Animal Rennet

This delicious cheese from Dick Willems, Co. Cork, Ireland has a smooth and close texturedmouth-feel. The flavours are usually rich and sweet, often hinting at hazelnuts, butterscotch and honey. At other times, they may be long-lastingly nutty but with a savoury edge. Either way, the flavours are complex and mouth filling.

Cardo Cheese

Made by | Mary Holbrook at Sleight Farm, Somerset

Contains |Raw Goat’s Milk, Thistle Rennet

The flavours of this wonderful cheese from Sleight Farm, Somerset,combine the pungency and savouriness of the washed rind with the more delicate, floral flavours associated with goat’s milk. It’s both unusual and successful. Textures vary as it can be moist, succulent and melting or firmed and with more of a noticeable curd texture.

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