French Finesse

24 Mar 2021
3 min read
French luxury outdoor furniture brand Aurehum is the epitome of joie de vivre. Behind every creation is the will to bring together friends and family, to foster memories that will last a lifetime. High-quality materials, unmatched expertise and unbounded innovation, these are the characteristics that define Aurehum and its bespoke products.

With over 15 years in the industry, Aurehum produces beautiful outdoor furniture that celebrates life’s small moments. Based in France, and honouring its heritage at every turn, the company brings together innovation with expertise to create exceptional furnishings that push the French art of living to its peak.

Born from the desire to live life to its fullest and indulge in life’s precious moments, Aurehum was brought to life over evenings and weekends spent with family and friends. So as not to miss any of these fleeting moments that make life more beautiful, Aurehum was created for epicureans who want to engage, for those to be together both in the kitchen and at the table.

Underpinned by the philosophy that an extraordinary product should be remarkable in every way, Aurehum pays special attention to each creation, from its birth to its completion. Every step of the process is held to the same exacting standards, with the values of quality; French know-how; design and innovation of paramount importance. Each piece is custom-made and is given the time and consideration needed to ensure its excellence.

Aurehum’s ambition is to reinvent the outdoors, creating a new, friendly outdoor environment. The goal is to bring together its guests around luxurious products, which go beyond simple functionalities – to create a rallying point, a place of conviviality and an ambience that’s full of life. After a time of much difficulty, the values ​​of sharing and geniality have never been more appreciated, so why not turn your outdoor space into a place that can be cherished? Ask Aurehum to create the space you have always dreamed of, and their team will happily make this dream come true.


Benefiting from strong technical expertise acquired over more than 15 years in the industrial environment, Aurehum combines top-class design with the rigour of industry to create a level of skill unmatched in the furniture craft. All of the products are handmade in France by highly qualified craftsmen in the brand’s very own production workshop.

From engineers to project managers and talented carpenters, the team consists of a variety of highly-dedicated individuals, all striving for the same goal: to create quality products with elegant and distinguished lines. Long-standing stakeholders and subcontractors that work with the brand are situated nearby in Lyon, to promote close collaboration and reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing the products.


Innovation drives the design and quality of Aurehum’s products. By surrounding itself with distinguished design firms from its inception, the company’s creations have always been guided by industry experts. This close collaboration has and continues to allow the brand to stay on-trend.

To ensure that all the products meet the highest of standards, each one undergoes extensive research and development prior to is manufacture to obtain optimum ergonomic, practical, safety and aesthetic qualities. All products are also made to measure, so each furniture item is truly unique.


All furniture can be customised, with bespoke features such as LED lights, USB sockets and cooking appliances seamlessly integrated into the pieces. Only high-end, weather-resistant and low-maintenance materials are used in the manufacturing process, which guarantees the quality and durability of the furniture. This definitive choice of materials is essential. Dekton®, high-grade aluminium and austenitic stainless steel are specially selected for their weather resistance. In addition, these materials guarantee an exceptional touch and appearance.


Aurehum has created several products including high tables, outdoor kitchens and outdoor tables. One of the most notable creations is the Agathe table that combines an outdoor kitchen and a table into one sophisticated piece of furniture.

Entirely modular and tailor-made – with an array of materials, dimensions, and colours to choose from – Agathe allows its users to experience unforgettable moments of joy with loved ones. From serving appetizers to prepping digestifs, the table caters to every need during a meal, offering devices such as an induction hob; teppanyaki plancha; grill stone; ice bucket; cutting board and ethanol fireplace.

Situated at the centre of the table, the appliances are initially hidden to protect the items and minimize the size of the table. But when needed, the table opens in two to allow the motorized ascent of the cooking appliances. When open, it presents a comfortable working area and leaves room for a modular space, where cooking appliances can be effortlessly arranged and used.

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