#FOURUSA | Famous US Dishes

22 Jun 2014
2 min read
We give you some of the most famous US dishes that we deem drool-worthy…


Who doesn’t love a pancake? And for breakfast – heaven! A toppling tower enjoyed with syrupand topped off with a few rashers of bacon. Trust us, you’ll be fully in love.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Part of a traditional Southern American feast, buttermilk fried chicken leaves the meat deliciously tender and the outside crispy. Leave to marinade along with some spices the night before, coat in flour, dunk in the frier and you’ve got a seriously juicy mouthful.

Hangtown fry

Most famously for its popularity in the California Gold Rush, the Hangtown fry isan omlette with a twist. With bacon and oysters mixed into the egg batter and fried, it was sure to be a protein-rich meal. Nowadays, it is enjoyed by many with a few added luxuries, like peppers, spices and onions.


Originating in the States in 1900 by a (genious) Danish immigrant namedLouis Lassen, the hamburger is a must – and perhaps conspicious – have on this list. Having spent much of its recent existance being labelled as an obnoxiousfast-food, hamburgers have quite recently been manipulated to become canvassesfor masters. The likes of Daniel Humm and Daniel Boulud just collaborated with the illustrious Shake Shack to create gourmet burgers for the US.

Clam Chowder

The Americanclam chowder is a dish that varies depending on where it’s being made. Taking its basis of clams, the traditional New England chowder combines cream or milk, potatoes andonions; the Manhattan chowder, on the other hand shuns the dairy and uses tomatoes; the Rhode Island chowder tends to be clear. The list could go on. All, however are delicious.

Boston baked beans

Sweetened by molasses or maple syrup and salted by bacon, Boston baked beans have been a staple in the American for many centuries. Developed from the NativeAmericans’ baked beans and corn bread, and through influences from abroad, the beans were pushed and pulled until the perfect sweet-savoury balance was met.


Acornbread ball that’s traditional to the Southeast, the Hushpuppy is traditional fried or baked and served as a side at seafood restaurants. Ground corn was first used by Native Americans before the New World, and was developed into a traditional food from Southern America that hunters, fishemen or cooks would eat and feed to their dogs (hence ‘Hushpuppies’). Now containing more flavoursome ingredients, such as onions, garlic and peppers and are fried, and served with seafood or at BBQs.


The Big Apple’s traditional cheesecake has been around for many years. Having started off in Greece in 2000 BC, it took until the 18th Centuryto transform itself into the cheesecake we know and love in the USA, using soft cheese.

Pecan Pie

Another Southern American indulegence, the pecan pie has a mysterious history whereby no-one’s quite sure of its origins. However, what is known is that the Native Americans had discovered the pecan nut many centuries ago, bringing the sweet-toothed epicurean’s dream alive. Sitting in a case of pastry, a mixture of syrup and pecans are considered a super sweet treat.