FOURty Seconds with Tim Raue

29 Sep 2015
2 min read
Seen by many to become the ‘G8 Summit’ of food and food culture, the ‘Food On The Edge’ symposium that’s taking place on October 18th and 19th in Galway, Ireland, is nearly here and with big talks on what matters for the future of food, FOUR wanted to catch up with guest speaker and two Michelin Star chef, Tim Raue, to see what his talk has in store…

What do you feel has been the greatest influence on your cooking style and philosophy?

I think the greatest influence on my cooking was my first visit to singapore in 2003.I got the chance to taste the most influencialasian cuisines at that time;Thai, Japanese and classic & contemporary Chinese.

Can you give us an outline of the message that you want to impart in your talk at the Food OnThe Edge event on October 18th and 19th in Galway, Ireland?

The main message I am trying to deliver it that taste is the most important thing with food. In my talk I am focusing on flavour. These days a lot of people take care about their supplier, from meat to fish & vegetables. The often heard critic to me isthat fine dining is less aboutflavours and more about harmony, meanwhile the main crowd of customers is used to eating food from supermarkets, which gain their “taste”with glutamat and other chemical flavourings and additives. Most of the dishes people get from them are over flavoured andheavily salted. If they eat pure, outstanding product based dishes, they complain of a lack of flavours.

What trends do you see coming down the line in the restaurant industry?

I don’t care about trends. I want to create dishes that last for decades.

What, do you believe, is the biggest threat to the future of good eating?

The human being. Not only do we destroynature, butits has also become commonplaceto eat industrial foodthat has lost all its original taste.

Can you tell us a little about why you have decided to be a part of this event?

It’s always great to meet chefs from around the world, wherever that is I take part, even in Galway.

Who are you interested in hearing at the event and why?

Some of the people I am interested in hearing areAndré Chiang andElena Arzak, but I am sure that I will also hear somebody else who will impress me….

Are there any restaurants you are hoping to visit when in Ireland – any produce you are looking forward to trying?

I am definitely looking forward to what theIrish will show us.

Finda full line up of speakers and ticket purchases for the ‘Food On The Edge’ symposium on October 18th and 19th 2015here..