FOURty Seconds with Phil Wood

05 Oct 2015
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Australian top chef Phil Wood talks to FOUR ahead of the Food on the Edge Symposium in Galway, Ireland on the 19th & 20th October 2015. The event showcases the coming-together of top international chefs and food industry professionals to discuss how we can challenge our perspective on food…

Described as one of Australia’s best chefs, Phil Wood is Head Chef at Rockpool on George in Sydney. Heading a team of 15+ chefs at the multi-award winning institution, Phil’s creativity, leadership and unwavering dedication to quality has made him one of the country’s most exciting chefs and one to watch. Phil oversaw the return to Rockpool on George’s hatted glory when the restaurant received 3 hats in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide last year, after a long absence. Chosen to speak at the Symposium in Galway due to each individuals innovation and approach to the issue of sustainability and responsability in the culinary arts and food education,Chef Wood gives us FOURty Seconds of insight into what he will be covering at the event.

Can you please outline the message that you want to impart in your talk at the event?

We need to preserve the pleasures of the table to prevent Solent becoming a necessity because we entered a period of have and have not as fresh food becomes an increasingly luxury item

What trends do you see coming down the line in the restaurant industry?

Two trends; downsizing due to limited available staff and restaurants continuing to cement themselves as entertainment by moving payments to a ticket style system

What, do you believe, is the biggest threat to the future of good eating?

The biggest threat is the homogenisation of flavour through mass produced factory style farming

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