FOURty Seconds with Myke Sarthou

27 May 2016
2 min read
FOUR speaks to Philippino chef, Myke Sarthou, about putting Philippine food on the map ahead of his appearance at the Madrid Fusion Manila, the first and only Asian edition of Madrid Fusion.

ChefMyke “Tatung” Sarthouis a successful chef and restaurateur with his restaurant aptly named Alabby Chef Tatung, a product of his fiery passion for Filipino Cookery. He has won acclaim and recognition in various platforms that transcend that of the culinary world.

What are your earliest memories of being interested in food?

I am very fond of the times that my grandmother would let me help in cooking our family meals.

What would you say has inspired your cooking the most?

Maybe I’m inspired to cook because I really love taking care of others and the fact that cooking just comes natural to me.

Describe your culinary style…

My style as clean and straightforward. I do not put that much effort in embellishing my dishes and I try to use the least number of ingredients if possible.

You are taking part in this year’s Madrid Fusion Manila, what will this entail?

My participation in Madrid Fusion 2016 gives me the chance to demonstrate indigenous coconut cooking methods in an international stage that is not even known to most Filipinos.

Can you tell us any menu highlights that guests can expect?

My menu tries to push the boundary of Filipino food by not using foreign adaptations but instead I try to look into my own heritage to further improve well known Filipino dishes.

How is your restaurant doing?

I left my old restaurant to finish my book, Heart to Platter. However I have a new restaurant on the works and will open in a couple of months.

What kind of experience do you aim to give guests when you cook for them?

I want them to have a new and better insight on the potential of Philippine cuisine. Not just about how it will taste but the cultural significance of rediscovering lost recipes of our pre-colonial ancestors.

What are your most indispensable ingredients?

For me, I just prefer the local and sustainable products that can be bought in the nearest palengke.

What would you say has been the most memorable moment in your culinary career so far?

It only happened recently but the moment I heard that my book will be published in a few short weeks I was really happy. Aside from that being one of the two Filipino chefs to speak in Madrid Fusion 2016 is a very big honor.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self, starting out a career in the world of food?

I would say to myself that I should work on a better balance on business and creative pursuits, as the two don’t always mix finely together. Aside from that I would remind myself to choose well who to will trust.

What’s next for you/Whats projects do you have lined up?

I mostly concentrate on my new series of books coming out in the next year, aside from that I will be having a some projects in television.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I would say to myself that I should work on a better balance on business and creative pursuits. Aside from that I would remind him to choose well who he will trust.

What restaurant is currently at the top of your list to dine at?

Vask Modern Cuisine and Gastronomic Cuisine is definitely one of my favorite restaurants to dine in.

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