FOURty Seconds with Jair Téllez

14 Oct 2015
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In this exclusive interview with Jair Téllez, chef patron of No.46 in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, Laja in Baja California, FOUR finds out what Jair will be addressing in his guest speech at the ‘Food On The Edge’ symposium in Galway on 19th and 20th October. The event aims to challenge our perspectives on food by bringing together a wealth of top international chefs and food industry professionals, to see how they are innovating the culinary arts as we know it.

Chef-patron of Laja in the Guadalupe Valley. With its own orchard, farm and vineyard contributing to the weekly-changing four and eight-course menus, Laja’s cuisine pays homage to the natural richness of the Baja California peninsula on which it sits, While continually creative, the underlying theme of Téllez’s dishes is strictly seasonal, with classic techniques respecting regional culinary traditions.

Can you tell us a little about why you have decided to be a part of this event?

An opportunity to visit Ireland and get to know many people from so many places around the world is difficult to reject. I feel very fortunate to be invited to this event.

What message are you hoping to impart at the event?

That food is a succulent and great excuse to connect with the most fundamental dimension of life which is the human side of things.

The theme of the event is ‘ the future of food’ – for you, what are the key issues we should be focusing on regarding the food industry’s future?

For me the fundamental issue is the people involved in producing, preparing, serving and consuming food.

Are there any restaurants you are hoping to visit when in Ireland – any produce you are looking forward to trying?

I am very much looking forward to trying as many great local foods that are indigenous to the West of Ireland as I can.

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