FOURTy Seconds with Isaac McHale

13 Dec 2015
2 min read
Celebrated chef Isaac McHale of the award-winning Clove Club restaurant, London, will be heading out to Napa to join Christopher Kostow for the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’, FOUR catches up with him ahead of the charity event to see what’s in store…

Why did you accept the invitation to participate in the 2015 Twelve Days of Christmas charity event at The Restaurant at Meadowood?

Chris Kostow is afriend, and I really admire what he is doing with 12 Days, at a time of year when people think about restaurant sales, he is thinking of helping people.I had tosay yes.

What are you most looking forward to about the Twelve Days of Christmas event at The Restaurant at Meadowood?

I’m excited to experienceNapa in the winter, and to cook in the kitchen at Meadowood, and to letmore people experience the Clove Club.

Can you tell us a bit about what you will be doing on your evening- any hints at what might be served to guests?

A few ofour current favourites at Clove,along with some Californiainspiration.Where did you get yourinspiration for the menu you will serve?I always try to bring some scottish flavours wherever I go, when I was at Quintonil i served a Haggis Taco.In Meadowood I will be serving Scottish Grouse andsomecakes made with Peated Barley from Islay whisky distillers.

Describe your culinary style…

Modern,considered, with a scottish accent…

What are your most indispensable ingredients?

The beautiful fish from cornish dayboats andwild shellfish from the far north of Scotland.

What would you say has been the most memorable moment in your culinary career so far?

Cooking for the Worlds 50 best chefs at The Clove Clubforlunch 6 weeks after therestaurant opened.Everything has seemed easierafter that opening audience.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self, starting out a career in the world of food?

Do exactly what you feel is right, take your time,learn from the best and push hard every day.

What’s next for you?

Lots and lots of things thatI can’t talk about right now, but my focus remains on improving the offer and consistency at The Clove Club, making it a little better every day.

What restaurant is currently at the top of your list to dine at?

Benu and Manresa when we are in California for the12 Days of Christmas event.I have had thehonourof cooking for bothCorey Lee and David Kinchand have wanted to eat in those places for a long time.

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