FOURty Seconds with David Muñoz

05 Feb 2016
2 min read
Spanish-born gastronomic innovator and artisan, David Muñoz, talks to FOUR about his European-Asian food and creative concepts…

How did it feel when you received your Michelin stars?

We were very happy about all three Michelin stars, although we didn’t expect to be so recognised. At the end of the day, we weren’t looking for it so it was just one step on our way. Nothing changed in the restaurant, nothing changed in my mind. We just keep ourselves focused on being better every day, making new dishes and making the restaurant more spectacular.

What inspires your cuisine?

Many things! I lived in London for five years, which was a really different experience for me. The city has so many different restaurants with different cuisines from around the world, like Hakkasan and Nobu. A big inspiration has been the travels that I have been on with my wife in Asia; last year we went to Vietnam, Bangkok, Chiang Mai. I also run at night in Madrid, which gives me a great opportunity to think about new concepts and new food.

What do you hope to give your customers when they come to DiverXo?

A unique experience in a completely different restaurant. When people open the doors to the restaurant I hope they feel like they are in a world apart from everything. They step into my world, into my imagination; they are in my mind. And I hope that’s reflected in everything. The food is completely avant-garde, focussing on the creativity and imagination. I want people to feel as though they are on a rollercoaster or at a big party!

Your dishes are regarded as pieces of edible art – did you envisage becoming considered as such an artist when you embarked on your career?

I don’t think a chef’s an artist to be honest. I think we are artisans that employ art to help us. It is true that a large part of what we do in the kitchen is to create a feeling that could be recreated through art.At DiverXO we paint on the plate; we want our dishes to look nice but I don’t consider myself an artist.

You are always creating new dishes – what’s your most recent creation?

We make at least five or six new dishes every month. Just a few months ago we made pan-fried beef with a warm green lettuce salad with fish sauce and caviar. It’s like a Thai salad with a twist or a radical surf-n-turf.

What is your go-to meal after a long shift in the kitchen?

I like to eat everything that’s made well – from Thai curry, Vietnamese salad, cocido Madrileno (a traditional stew from Madrid). I like to eat everything really – I don’t have a favourite dish.

If you could travel anywhere in the world to eat, where would you go and why?

Definitely to Singapore. It’s my favourite city for a culinary escape. The people are totally obsessed with food so I feel totally at home. I’m pretty sure I was Chinese in another life! The food is unbelievable – the street food and restaurants are so avant-garde and everyone’s always talking about food.

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