On 10 June, FOUR proudly took part in the presentation of the first edition of EPICUREA, at Bulgari Hotel Milan, with four international top chefs: Kobe Desramaults, of In De Wulf (Dranouter, Belgium); Andrea Ferrero, resident chef at Bulgari Hotel in Milan; Daniel Patterson, of Coï(San Francisco) andRodolfo Guzmàn, of Borega(Santiago, Chile).

Kobe Desramaults,Andrea Ferrero,Daniel Patterson andRodolfo Guzmàn

Guests had the privilege of tasting some delicious dishes cooked by these great chefs. The menu included:

A recipe with its roots in pre-Columbian times, Curanto has been adapted in various forms throughout Latin America, in particular in Mexico. In Chile, Curanto is made with everything that nature has to offer – meat, fish and vegetables – cooked underground for hours. Rodolfo enhances traditional Curanto by turning it into a broth, similar in style to dashi.

A summer version of risotto, this is a typical dish from Piedmont, the region Andrea Ferrero comes from. Made with uncooked red prawns and cedar from Sicily, the risotto is mounted with a mixture of half alpine butter and half extra virgin olive oil.

The Californian chef’s dish is moving and beautiful like a painting, an abstract landscape with quinoa, cauliflower and almonds. This creation is somewhat autobiographical, influenced by childhood memories. The infancy of the chef’s art, of which sorghum, puffed like popcorn, is a likely and distant reminder.

A soft and creamy black pudding that melts in the mouth, accompanied by pork confit, with herbs and flowers to crown the freshness of the meat.

This unique dish featured the maqui, a wild fruit from Patagonia, offering a sweet and astringent flavour, combined with the sour and fresh exuberance of fermented milk.

A tribute to one of the most traditional Italian desserts, the profiteroles were presented in a fresh, summer style. Here, the miniature chocolate choux are served as a salad, accompanied with passion fruit, meringues and mint, giving an unusual texture and a fresh floral touch.


Bulgari Hotel Milan, in collaboration with FOUR food columnist Andrea Petrini, organised one of the most exhilarating food event ever, thanks to which the participants will have the chance to travel, at least through food, from Chile to Australia, from Europe to USA, over a period of six months, from October 2013 to March 2014.

The underlying concept is simple: one chef, one country, once a month, for two exceptional evenings, bringing together six chefs who are already established on the world’s food stage, to present a menu, which encapsulates their art, coordinated by Andrea Ferrero, the head chef at Bulgari Hotel Milan.

Participating chefs come from the four corners of the globe. During each event, the chefs will talk to a select group of guests about their culinary explorations and experiments, each telling a different story.

Personal, autobiographical, lyrical – the cuisine of these chefs is intimate and concise, while being in tune with nature, the rituals of preparation and with concentrated flavours.

Dishes evoke the landscape of each chef’s origin, offering a personal snapshot of their tradition and culture.

Here’s the impressive line-up and calendar of Epicurea:


7 – 8 October

Rodolfo Guzmàn, Borega, Santiago, Chile

4 – 5 November

Bertrand Grébaut, Séptime, Paris

2 – 3 December

Ben Shewry, Attica, Melbourne


13 – 14 January

Danny Bowien, Mission Chinese Food, New York and San Francisco

3 – 4 February

Kobe Desramaults, In de Wulf, Dranouter, Belgium

3 – 4 March

Daniel Patterson, Coï, SanFrancisco