#FOURNews | Uri Buri voted ‘Best fine dining restaurant in the Middle East’

02 Dec 2016
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Uri Buri Restaurant in Akko, Isreal voted “Best fine dining restaurant in the Middle East” as part of travellers choice awards 2016
King of the Crusador Kingdom

The esteemed Uri Buri restaurant in Acre, Israel was this week named the ‘Best Restaurant In The Middle East’ as part of the2016 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards. The Efendi Hotel in Acre was also named the Fifth ‘Best Small Hotel in the Middle East’ as part of the award listing.

Owned and operated by Chef Uri “Buri” Jeremias, the namesake restaurant offers distinct Western Galilean cuisine focused upon sea-to-table seafood and fish dishes. Uri Buri is housed within a restored 400-year-old, Ottoman-era residence overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the Old City of Acre, formerly the capital of the Second Crusader Kingdom.

Nestled in the picturesque Old City of Acre, the Efendi Hotel isa 12-room boutique property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea andthe fulfillment of a dream long held by Uri Jeremias, chef and proprietor of the famed Uri Buri restaurant.Efendi Hotel features a subterranean, Byzantine-era wine cellar, Hamam and spa, andis the combination of two ancient houses that have hundreds of years of history stored within their walls.Complex preservation and restoration work over a period of eight years with supervision by the Israel Antiquities Authority gave birth to a gorgeous, breathtaking pearl that was truly a labor of love.

For more information about Uri Buri restaurant, visithttp://www.efendi-hotel.co.il.