#FOURNEWS | Unfolding and Exploring

06 Jul 2014
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Hold onto your hats, this summer sees a new cocktail menu entitled ‘Unfolding and Exploring’ at The Langham’s bar Artesian, lead by Head Bartender, Alex Kratena, and Simone Caporale,..

The theme of the menu is ‘Unfolding and Exploring’, allowing guests to ‘unfold’ new experiences and ‘explore’ unusual ingredients including ash, gem-stones, larch, leather mushrooms and parsnip. Just as a fashion house launches an annual collection, Artesian launches an innovative menu each year. In the ‘Unfolding and Exploring’ menu, each drink is coded according to character and depth with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails listed together. As Kratena states: “A great dish does not necessarily contain meat, so why should every cocktail contain alcohol?”

Signature serves

Vodkatini waiting to become Manhattan

When does a Martini become a Manhattan? The Vodkatini Waiting to Become Manhattan is the ultimate martini with Alex and team using ‘supersonic’ to energise Ketel One Vodka with gemstones and stirring in Vermouth. Contains Ketel One Vodka, gemstones and Vermouth.


Who said cocktails can’t be made in 3D and change flavour as you drink them? A mixture ofAbsolut Elyx, Sherry, Cypress, Aqua di Cedro, and seasonal botanicals.

Will of the Woods

What if you could taste the forest? Served in a wooden drinking bowl, the Will of the Woods contains Glenlivet, Vermouth, larch, mushrooms, citrus and honey.

Selfie Compatible

Some cocktails are made to be inhaled… the Selfie Compatible uses the pioneering ‘Le Whaf’ device to vaporise the cocktail containing Ron Zacapa 23, Floc De Gascogne, Verjus, Beer and Bitters.


Served in a gleaming brass pineapple, the symbol of hospitality, the Camouflage contains Tanqueray No.TEN, Americano, sandalwood, carrot and Kombucha.