Saturday 30th May marked the very quiet and exclusive opening of Burberry’s latest trend of the season –Thomas’s café and restaurant.

In true sophisticated style, Burberry announced the restaurant opening purely by a simple website statement saying that the store was now, ‘A new luxury gifting destination – Experience exclusive products, personalised services and an all-day British menu at Thomas’s’.

Thomas’s restaurant was part of an initiative to expand the flagship store on London’s Regent Street by diversifying the shopping experience that they can offer their clients. Being able to provide gourmet dining as well as highly acclaimed fashion pieces is simply all part of the luxury brands first class service.

This is not the first time we have seen prominent fashion house leaning towards the culinary market, Maison Kitsuné and Ralph Lauren -New York, are both high end retailers who have opened up in-house eateries to be able to accommodate the needs of their exclusive clientele.

With a proudly all-British menu being served at Thomas’s, as well as great wines and a boutique tea menu being devised by tea company, Lalani & Co., Thomas’s could soon become the most fashionable place to take tea.

Perhaps this is simply the beginning of the retail evolution, but if the future of shopping lies within an accompanying glass of wine and a delicious gastronomic treat, then count us in!


Burberry Store

121 Regent Street




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