#FOURNEWS | The World’s Most Expensive Menu

19 Oct 2014
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Over the weekend, the Titanic’s menu was auctioned for a collosal £60,000…

Over the weekend an international bidding war bumped the auction of the Titanic’s first class menu up to £60,000. As part of the Lurette Collection – a collection of items from the Titanic which were once owned by maid Elise Lurette – the menu was one of250 artefacts that fetched £100,000at Henry Aldridge & Son.

Dated April 12, the menu included dishes likemutton chops, Melton Mowbray pie and tapioca pudding. The menu was found in the coat pocket ofFrench-born Ms Lurette, whowas one of those whosurvived when the passenger liner devestatinglyhit an iceberg on its maiden voyage on 14 April 1912.

Find out more about Henry Aldridge & Sons athenry-aldridge.co.uk.