#FOURNEWS | The Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival

29 Sep 2014
2 min read
Legendary chef Harald Wohlfahrt ignites gourmet fireworks in the Orangerie

The Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival (SHGF) is hardly conceivable without from Baiersbronn. How lucky, then, that he should feel so comfortable in the Orangerie at the Maritim Seehotel on Timmendorfer Beach that he has taken part in the tradition festival for the past 24 years. This is thanks also to the achievements of his colleague, Michelin-starred Lutz Niemann, and his dedicated team at the Orangerie. In close cooperation with their extraordinary guest in their kitchen, they will prepare elaborate and sophisticated menus. “We have so much fun and learn new things all the time,” says chef Lutz Niemann, who leaves nothing to chance. The selected wines of festival partner Schlumberger were sent in advance by sommelier Ralf Bronner to ’s restaurant Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn, so they can fit perfectly together with the food of the master chef.

Harald Wohlfahrt has achieved everything that is desirable in culinary life. For 22 years, the Maître has held his place among the world’s 50 best in his profession. He is happy to share his knowledge and discipline with the next generation: over 60 prominent chefs have come through his kitchen, among them , and . What is so unique about the style of the 59-year-old? A Michelin testers from England put it this way: “Picasso is Picasso and Wohlfahrt is Wohlfahrt! The artist – whether on easel or stove – has his distinctive signature.”

Since 1980 has thrilled his guests in the Schwarzwaldstube at Hotel Traube Tonbach with his classic haute cuisine. Each menu is highly sophisticated and based on a certain dramaturgy with perfect tension. The perfectionist pays particular attention to the high quality of the food: “For me, each product is equal at the start. Whether it is watercress or truffle.” TV appearances bring a lot of publicity, but are not the world of this particular top chef, born in 1955 in Loffenau near Karlsruhe, who rarely leaves his kitchen in Baiersbronn. He has indeed become famous without a TV show to his name.

Once a year, flies to the Baltic Sea to showcase his sustainable creations at SHGF. “It’s fun to cook in front of such an interested and enthusiastic audience – it’s my home game in the north,” said , who also sees the international public relations as an advantage. In the 28th season of the festival, Germany’s flagship chef will, together with Lutz Niemann and his team, treat guests with an extraordinary five-course meal from 28-29 September, at the Orangerie.

Take a look at the menu that will be on offer here.